The Sourcing Connection

Asia-Pacific fashion sourcing audited for you, in Hall 2

Starting with the September 2017 edition, The Sourcing Connection joined Première Vision Paris at the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte.

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The Sourcing Connection provides fashion professionals a garment-manufacturing sourcing offer from Asia Pacific, with exhibitors selected on the basis of criteria established by a specialised Committee. The offer is structured by style universe and product categories to facilitate the search for the industry’s most qualified manufacturers.


1. Save time in your sourcing

The aim is to guarantee a selective, global and organized fashion sourcing offer in keeping with the needs of fashion-brand production heads and sourcing professionals. Buyers are thus assured of being guided in their fashion sourcing research, thereby saving valuable time.

2. Meet companies audited for you

A Selection Committee specific to the garment industry carries out a pre-audit of the manufacturers, subcontractors or manufacturers that will allow fashion brands to better know their potential partners thanks to the following criteria :

  • Quality of infrastructure and industrial tools
  • Quality and creativity of production and proposed services
  • Financial reliability
  • Ethical approaches in line with social and environmental standards established by international authorities

In addition to this extensive investigation, The Sourcing Connection Première Vision has chosen Bureau Veritas, a world leader in compliance checking and product certification, to conduct an audit of each of the companies admitted. Brands are thus assured of the quality, transparency and traceability of their collections.


3. Benefit from a special staging of an exclusive offer

The offer at The Sourcing Connection is organised by style universe, to facilitate the search for the most qualified fashion-manufacturers in the industry. 
5 sectors focus on each company’s specialties rather than geographical origin :

 Meet the best Asia-Pacific can offer next September 19-21, 2018 at Première Vision Paris!