Première Vision Fabrics : vibrant, exciting trends. Hall 5 & 6

Twice a year, Paris welcomes Première Vision Fabrics (formerly Première Vision), the world’s premier fabric show, which offers up the season’s fashion directions some 18 months in advance. This hub of meetings and inspiration is both a unique place to do business and a trend laboratory.

An exceptionally rich offer

800 exhibitors. Each exhibitor has been selected on the basis of their creativity, present collections to match all needs, in a wide range of price levels: embroideries, lace, suitings, silkies, woollens, knits, colour-wovens, technical fabrics and more…

The forums

The Première Vision Fashion team provides a clear and precise view of the season. A concentrate of trends, major directions and key themes to design and develop collections.

1-PV Perspective, Hall 5

The overall season directions for all activity sectors. Première Vision’s vision with the strongest trends about colours, handles and behaviours and a focused selection of fabrics, leathers and accessories.

2-Fabrics Selection – Essentials_Hall 6
A selection of the indispensable fabrics needed to create a collection, with a more informative presentation, organised by use for Fluid and Structured garment items, as well as fabric highlights for ecological and responsible fashions.
3-Fabrics Selection – Fancies- Hall 5
All the season’s highlights in terms of decoration, regardless of technique, including prints, jacquards, lace, embroidery etc.

Forums by market

10- New ! Sport & Tech Focus – Hall 6
Enrich your understanding of the influence sport has on fashion by visiting our new Sport & Tech Forum, with its special selection of apparel fabrics, accessories and clothing prototypes. The forum will present the main sport-and-tech themes of season, spotlighting fluent mobility via selected garments from our exhibitors, with their corresponding fabrics and accessories, for a clear and understandable presentation of Sport / Fashion interactions, for ACTIVE WEAR, OUTDOOR, lNDOOR and URBAN WEAR.

For more decoding of the season, discover our fashion seminars and our colour range

FABRICS / February 18

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