Performance Codes

Highlight the specific properties or qualities

The Première Vision Performance Codes were created to highlight the specific properties or qualities of fabrics, yarns or components created by the exhibitors, whether these qualities are visible or not. These codes are available in the Marketplace Première Vision



Organic: A product with at least 50% organic natural material (cotton, wool, silk & flax mainly).


Recycled: A material with over 30% of recycled contents: natural, artificial or synthetic (cotton, wool, flax, silk; polyester, polyamide mainly).

Biosourced polymers: A synthetic material derived from over 30% of renewable bio-contents (sugar, corn, castor oil), as an alternative to non-renewable fossil-based synthetics.

Low chemical impact finishing: Treatments, dyes, printing and finishings resulting in a reduced use of chemicals and guaranteeing harmlessness to humans and the environment.

Waterless : Treatments, dyes, printing and finishings resulting in a reduction or absence of water consumption.

Traceability : Identification of the history of the material along its production chain, from the origin to its transformation until the finished product.

Biodegradable or compostable : Biodegradable or compostable material at end of life, in specific environments and conditions.

Metal-free : Tanning and/or finishing done without heavy metals.

Vegetable tanning : Tanned using vegetable tannins only



Ultra lightweight : Material that is exceptionally lightweight in terms of its structure or construction.

Washable : Leather that withstands washing without endangering its behaviour, appearance or colour.


Easy-care : Property of a fabric aimed at easing its domestic use.


Fast drying fabric : Property of a product that allows it to dry quickly, thanks to its composition or treatme


Breathing : Fabric able to wick moisture from the body to the exterior of a garment.




Breathable-waterproof : Fabric providing water protection while also wicking moisture away from the body to a  garment’s exterior.


Waterproof : Fabric providing waterproofing to the exterior surface of the garment.


Repellent : Treatment or construction allowing liquid to run off a surface and provide dirt resistance.


Wind-proof : Property of a fabric that consists of blocking wind, through a weave, impregnation or membrane.


Climatic : Fabric to protect the body from external weather conditions.


High-resistance : Property of a fabric to resist tearing and/or abrasion, through the use of high tenacity fibres.


Reflecting : Property of a cloth that reflects the light. This term includes fluorescents, phosphorescents and retroreflexive.




Mono-stretch : A vertically or horizontally extendible material, which regains its initial size after stretching.


Bi-stretch : A vertically and horizontally extendible material, which regains its initial size after stretching.


Naturally stretch : An elastane-free fabric that stretches in the warp and/or the weft, which regains its initial  dimensions after stretching.

Multi-layers : Assembly of supple materials and textiles to combine qualities and functionalities.




Anti-UV: Function added to a fabic via a special treatment of the fibre and blocking the UV rays that are dangerous to the skin with a protection factor of over 30.


Antibacterial: Chemical process applied to a cloth to stop the development of bacteria caused by perspiration.

G124x124-00792-resistance au chlore

Chlorine resistant : Property of a fabric to resist chlorine products, either in the course of its production cycle or during use, thanks to the employment of specific fibres or dyes (resistance to pool water and to chlorine-water stains, control of the level of bleaching).

Down proof : Property whereby feathers or down are trapped inside a fabric.

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