Hyères Festival

Ever since 2011, Première Vision Paris has been a partner of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères, a natural pairing for two players so noted for their support of young designers. Première Vision lends its name to the Grand Prize awarded during the Fashion Competition of the celebrated festival.



Next Edition : 15-19 October 2020

A reaffirmed commitment

The Grand Jury Prize Première Vision is a way for Première Vision Paris to reaffirm its commitment to rising your designers. Its support comprises much more than just a cash prize, providing young talents with support throughout the year.

 > A special welcome at Première Vision Paris

The first step of this partnership is putting the 10 designers chosen as finalists by the Festival Jury in January in contact with exhibitors who have offered to supply them with raw materials. Yarns, fabrics, accessories, and manufacturing possibilities… All these precious resources help the finalists design and produce the collections they will present at the Festival in the spring.

To this end, finalists are welcomed to the February edition of Première Vision Paris, where they enjoy a privileged access to exhibitors from around the world.

> An ideal showcase for the winner

After the prizes have been announced by the Festival’s distinguished jury, the Grand Jury Prize Première Vision winner is awarded a 15,000 € prize. The winner enjoys high-profile visibility at Première Vision Paris, where he or she encounters thousands of international industry professionals and have a dedicated area presenting their work.


2019 Edition

The 34th edition of the Hyères fashion, photography and accessories festival took place at the Villa Noailles from 25 to 29 April 2018.
This year the jury was chaired by Nathacha Ramsay-Levi, Chloé artistic director. To decide between the winners, he was surrounded by Michael Amzalag, Mathias Augustiniak, Camille Bidault Waddington, Sigrid Bouaziz, Charlotte Casiraghi, Jo Ellison, Guillaume Houzé, Liya Kebede, Ariane Labed , Samira Nasr , Alexia Niedzielski , Jojo Qian, Rushemy Botter & Lisi Herrebrugh.

Ten new talents were in the running to win the Grand Prix de Mode: Tetsuya Doi Yota Anazawa & Manami Toda, Dita Enikova, Emilia Kuurila, Milla Lintilä, Yana Monk, Roisin Pierce, Christoph Rumpf, Tina Schwizgebel, Tsung Chien Tang et Lucille Thièvre.

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Previous edition :

  • Festival at Hyères 2018

    Festival at Hyères 2018

    The 33rd Hyères Festival of Fashion and Photography took place at Villa Noailles from 26 to 30 April 2018. The young designers duo Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh won the Grand Prix du jury première Vision 2018.

    The duo offers a joyous homage to the innate style of the Caribbean, celebrating the ability of unknown persons to embellish their daily lives by repurposing found elements. This collection consists of a three dimensional mix of items from a classic men’s wardrobe, accompanied by sportswear and antiquated details one imagines picked up on a beach.

  • Festival at Hyères 2017

    Festival at Hyères 2017

    On sunday, april 30, young swiss designer Vanessa schindler won the Grand Jury Prize Première Vision 2017 at the 32nd Hyères Festival of Fashion and Photography. The prize comes with a 15,000-euro grant, which Première Vision presented alongside Jury President Bertrand Guyon, Design Director of Schiaparelli.

    With Urethane pool, chapitre 2 Vanessa schindler strives to find an alternative to the classic design and construction of clothing. She draws inspiration from architecture and interior decoration, composing each silhouette in her collection as though she were arranging a unique interior with contrasting materials, vegetation, room to move… and she uses a material that is unexpected in her field: urethane, a liquid polymer.
    With her womenswear collection entitled Urethane, Chapitre 2 she creates an interplay of textures and transparency by laying urethane over tulle and fine netting. Besides their technical performance, the silhouettes are elegant and luxurious. The collection centres on long dresses and negligees that spring to life as the light catches them.

    > A collection produced with the support of Guigou – Première Vision Fabrics// Crystals donated by Swarovski – Première Vision Accessories.

  • Festival at Hyères 2016

    Festival at Hyères 2016

    The winner of the 2016 Grand Jury Prize Première Vision at the 31st edition of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères is Wataru Tominaga.
    This year Julien Dossena, Artistic Director of Paco Rabanne, presided over the Jury.
    The boldness, graphic power and strong visual impact of Wataru Tominaga’s collection, enriched by his research into fabrics and techniques, unanimously won over the festival jury. This research was evident in a collection reaching beyond masculine/feminine identities to create a positive dynamic. Inspired by emancipated fringe groups such as hippies or nerds, Wataru Tominaga seeks to break down stereotypes. With his collection of overstitched pleats, wide flocked vinyl stripes and juxtapositions of bright colours, the Japanese designer expresses his goal of creating a new genre, one likely to encourage a different vision of men’s ready to wear.

  • Festival at Hyères 2015

    Festival at Hyères 2015

    During the 30th edition of the Festival at Hyères, La Maison Chanel was the guest of honor and the director karl Lagerferld the artistic director. The Franco-German designer Annelie Schubert has been awarded with the Grand Jury Prize Première Vision thanks to her womenswear collection named Aprons. It was produced with the support of from the following Première Vision Fabrics weavers: Jakob Schlaepfer, Luxury Jersey, Styletex and Teseo. With subtle details and discreet constructions, the designer presents a true silhouette, strong and clear. The relationship between the fabrics and colours is incredible. Annelie Schubert has taste and elegance. She has an endearing personality and is very sensitive, unpretentious, down to earth and fresh.

  • Festival at Hyères 2014

    Festival at Hyères 2014

    Sunday April, 27. The Jury, presided over by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (creative directors ofKenzo), reward the winner of the Première Vision Grand Jury Prize, Kenta Matsushige, a young Japonese designer, for his collection named “Hinabi”. He installed his collection in a bucolic setting, where “[it] will have more presence than lost in a city” and in opposition to miyabin urban beauty”.

  • Festival at Hyères 2013

    Festival at Hyères 2013

    Thanks to an affirmed creative style, Finnish designer Satu Maaranen won the Première Vision Grand Jury Prize 2013, presided over by jury president Felipe Oliveira Baptista, designer and artistic director of Lacoste, Paris.
    “Can one dress oneself in nature? Is it possible to design a collection that takes the surrounding landscape into account?” These are some of the questions raised by the Finnish prize-winner, a graduate of Helsinki’s Aalto University, in her women’s collection Garment in Landscape, inspired by Land Art, military prints and 1960s haute couture.
    This collection was produced with the support of: Première Vision Paris, Taroni, Albert Guegain Broderies, Ventures, Schoeller, Warp & Weft, Sfate et Combier, Puntoseta, Made in France, Atelier Style Couture, L’Atelier d’Ariane, Lazar Cuckovic Couture, FIM. Crystals provided by: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

  • Festival at Hyères 2012

    Festival at Hyères 2012

    The jury, presided over by Yohji Yamamoto, awarded the Grand Jury Prize Première Vision 2012 to Ragne Kikas, a young Estonian designer based in Hamburg, Germany. Ragne Kikas also won the Public Prize of the City of Hyères.
    Selected from among ten finalists, Ragne Kikas offers her vision of the radical, with a collection inspired by 15th and 16th century armour, whose inflexible and angular shapes she translated into knits, her preferred medium.
    Each silhouette must be a new sculptural enigma, at once obvious and impenetrable. The collection was produced with the support of Première Vision Paris and the following exhibitors: Close to Clothes, Eclair Prym Belgium S.A., and Tearfil Textile Yarns.

  • Festival at Hyères 2011

    Festival at Hyères 2011

    French designer Céline Méteil won the the Grand Jury Prize Première Vision 2011, one of two prizes attributed in the Fashion Competition of the prestigious International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères, with a jury presided over by Raf Simons,

    Selected from among ten finalists, Céline Méteil created a collection of airy and structured origami-dresses made from jaconas. This stiff and transparent cotton plain weave is ordinarily employed to create a three-dimensional muslin prototype of a garment. Her highly architectural clothing entertains a dialogue with the body, building on layers of transparency and lace and shaped in subtle balance with fluid knits.
    Baptised “Plié-Backstage”, the collection was produced with the support of Première Vision Paris exhibitors: Sophie Hallette, Marioboselli Yarns & Jersey and TESJ, and Close to Clothes.
    Céline Méteil also won the Public Prize.