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IFM-Première Vision Chair for “The Economics of Creative Materials for Fashion”

The Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) and Première Vision have partnered to open a research chair dedicated to “The Economics of Creative Materials for Fashion”.

Presided over by Gildas Minvielle, a professor at the IFM and director of the Economic Observatory, the IFM-Première Vision Chair has 3 objectives:

  • To develop an international economic indicator of the business activity of materials for creative fashions (fabrics and leather): the Première Vision Barometer of the Creative Materials Industry
  • To analyse economic trends of the textile for clothing and leather
  • To conduct specific studies

 This collaboration is particularly designed to inform the activity sectors represented at the Première Vision shows, by providing access to economic and industry data, as well as to deepen the understanding of the sector’s issues and developments.

The Barometre: details

The Première Vision Barometer of the Creative Materials Industry is an indicator specifically targeting high added-value fabrics and leather materials.

Thanks to this annual barometer, Première Vision is able to establish an index of observation and evaluation for activity within the creative fashion industry: to measure the evolution of the high-end and creative fashion industry. It also creates a way for professionals to compare and position themselves with respect to this index on an annual basis.

To create this index, IFM will contact Première Vision exhibitors in order to conduct a statistical survey. The first results will be revealed in September 2016, and published to coincide with that edition of Première Vision Paris.


The results of an IFM-Première Vision Chair study examining the perception and behaviour of European consumers with regard to sustainable fashion will be presented at a conference at the show. Take a look at the agenda