Yarns AW1819


Ambiguously blurry
An enigmatic mood reflected by chinés, mélanges, moulinés, printed effects, colour spun irregularities, diffused surfaces, fringed effects, frizzy fantasy.

Desirable irregularities
Intriguing fantasy novelties as rustic textures, carded yarns, thick and thin, uneven twisting, nepped surfaces, felted, tangled binders, crinkled.

Curiously round
Expressive qualities for volume without weight, plush chenilles, chainettes, corded, puffed, mesh tape, bulked thermal, glitter inserts.

Imaginatively functional
Subtly hidden performance as thermic, high resistance, washable, durable, anti-pilling, performance stretch, anti-bacterial, natural yet functional, inventive cellulose fibres, smart, recycled and biodegradable.