(W)ego House – Studio MVRDV – The impact of red

We stopped off in the red room of the “(W)ego House” project by the Dutch architecture agency MVRDV,  headed up by the charismatic Winy Maas.

(W)ego is an architectural installation comprising nine rooms with a flexible configuration, best thought of as a means of reflecting on the housing and hotels of the future. The challenge  is transforming the ego of individualistic city dwellers into WEgo. Which is to say, arriving at a better way of living together, where each resident has his or her own personal space, adapted to his or her needs and desires, but must agree with neighbours in terms of  the overall layout of the various areas. In densely populated situations, each individual’s dreams can be taken into account, as long as everyone gets along,

A library with a topographical effect where the knowledge found in books is displayed in Tianjin (China), an informative and ecological pedestrian walkway in place of a motorway in the heart of Seoul, towers where the building and surrounding vegetation intersect each other in Amsterdam … an entire panoply of apparently far-fetched programs full of brilliant ideas, from a team whose ambition is nothing less than “saving the world’s middle class.”

Each living area is marked by a colour – candy pink, acid green, bright yellow, blue – where walls, floor, ceiling and furniture seem to have been dipped into the same paint. If the inhabitants of the (W)Ego House can live in such tiny spaces, it’s because the colours alter their perception. They reside not between four walls, but in an atmosphere generated by coloured surfaces. Colour becomes space, we reside in colour.

Red is the colour par excellence. Radical, uncompromising, true to itself, red grabs us, challenges us. It symbolizes our vision of spring-summer 2020: a liberating and essential visual impact, an unavoidable risk-taking, achieved through a generosity of expression and sharing, free of any timidity. To really be oneself, to fully exist.