Tops & shirts

Highlights for tops and light pieces: shirts, blouses, tunics, dresses, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, polos and undergarments. The season’s plains and fancies, in wovens and knits, lace and embroidery.



Nonchalant silkies: everyday silkies in viscose, Cupro or Lyocell blends are given a soft fluidity. Featherweight supple twills and mock men’s suitings or shirtings, with powdery accents and a subtle gloss.
Semi-transparent: matt, petal-like, almost-voiles. Lightweight cotton and artificial blends. Delicate yarn-dyeds enlivened by vegetal micro-slubs, updated dotted swiss and fragile burnt-outs.
Graphic openwork: geometricized, squared-off lace and mesh with graphic rhythms and dynamic colours. Simple monochrome motifs for sports-inspired tops.
Light shivers: micro ripplings of silky crepes and cottony crepons, fully mobile seersuckers and tiny cloqué undulations. From light satiny fabrics to diaphanous transparencies. Plains with very elaborate handles.


Satiny fluids: silk or polyester jerseys and double knits with an affirmed shine. Smooth mirroring surfaces, cold and slippery handles, for sexy tops and dresses to slide right against the skin.
Languid fleece: refined terry or bouclette fleece given lightness and fluidity by artificial or synthetic blends, for suppler, more flexible sweatshirts.
Weightless tee-shirts: super-fine and super-light knits in cotton, modal or linen, almost zero weights, discreet stitch plays revealed in transparency, phantom ribs and piqué.


Ultra graphic: on impeccable white grounds, with or without stretch, bold stripes, wide stick-stripes in contrasting colourways, precise, grid-like handkerchief checks. Micro cut-yarns and figurative mini-dobbys sparsely scattered across almost empty grounds. Impeccable gauzes graphically mark out emptiness, whether worked in all-over or in detail.
Clean imperfections: linen or linen / cotton blends, very fine slubbed yarns for an impeccable vegetal spirit. Fancy semi-plains, figured tone-on-tones or simple stripes are barely perturbed by these natural irregularities. Chiné yarn effects or micro-vibrating throwns for elegant blurry/neat aspects.
Excess colour: deliberately offbeat and funny, exuberant, flashy colourings wake up tropical checks, and pump-up the plaids in casual shirtings.
Japanese indigo: the magnetic power of dark blues, deep indigo and primitive blues. Tone-on-tone jacquards and little folk Ikats for casual shirts with an authentic note.


Spontaneous lines: very thin or very thick, no half measures. Flowers and leaves daubed in broad strokes with a felt marker or scribblings. Non-digital graphics, hesitant contours and runny colours. Grounds remain visible, like a painter’s canvas.
Elaborated simplicity: a visual obviousness and astute, never-easy graphics. Flat, cartoon-like motifs, silhouetted foliage, flowers like abstract colour blotches, schematic fruits or overprinted, irregular hand-drawn stripes.
Artificial Edens: hand-painted foliage and jungles, greenhouse banana and palm trees. Little animals hidden in the leaves. Underwater vegetation and fauna, algae, fish and jellyfish.