The city elegance of sports

(picture : Schoeller)

Multifunctional yet beautiful, high-performant yet elegant: new fabrics and accessories are evolving in line with the growing importance of sport and fitness in everyday citywear, with solutions that blur the boundaries between work and leisure, between going out to practice a sport, and just going out.

While running remains the model of urban elegance born of a desire for well-being, mountaineering and horseback riding provided sources of inspiration for the Cosmopolitan collection by Swiss company Schoeller Textil (Première Vision Fabrics) : Here, 3XDRY® and coldblack® treatments give fabrics a range of breathable and anti-UV properties, while the changeTM membrane makes them waterproof and wind-resistant. This performant and ecological fabric collection also includes washable wools, featherweight stretch textiles and anti-pilling shape-memory fabrics, to meet all the needs of the new urban spirit that is as demanding in terms of performance as it is of style.

Specialists in elastic polyurethane ribbons for 30 years, the Italian company Framis (Première Vision Accessories) is well placed to confirm this trend of hybridizing city style codes. Its latest product, Dream silk, pairs the technical properties of ribbons drawn from the sports universe with a silky touch and a chromatic range (metallic black and brown), made to appeal to major luxury and ready-to-wear brands.




For Her Min (Première Vision Fabrics), this versatility is more than a simple trend, it’s a true philosophy based on “Urban Outdoor” or “Athleisure,” both of which are rewriting the codes of urban elegance with a marked dynamism. A fine demonstration is found in the 3Layers laminated cotton and nylon fabric developed by this Taiwanese company, a textile combining a natural handle and a knitted side with stretch, waterproof, breathable and wind-resistant properties, for off-road clothing with an innate elegance.


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