Tech focus AW1819


Highlights for the sport, outdoor, beachwear, active wear and workwear markets: innovative and performance.

Super-performance products are enhanced by cosy comfort, while “high-resistance” textiles grow suppler and friendlier. The outdoors flirts openly with fashion.

Cosy performance: multilayers with warmth-effect interiors, assemblies with fine fleeces or cosy plush fabrics, technical sweaters and sweats, velvet bondings.
Lightweight paddings, supple quiltings, tech/homewear hybrids for midlayers and pants.

Effective and slimmer: ever finer, ever more performant and often stretch 3-layer knits and wovens. Scubas thinned to a firm roundness.
Coloured or printed 3-layers with visible interactions between mesh, membrane and fabrics. Graphic accessories.

Cottony aspects: matt and elegant pant weights, weaves reminiscent of military or work clothes, soft and warm brushed backs. Fast-dry or breathable knits with a denim look. Misty Tachist-style patterns, plant evocations, foggy landscapes in non-regulation camouflage. Accessories and components in a contemporary surplus spirit.

Matt plastic: matt and colourful synthetics, high-density featherweight weaves, pre-partitioned or down-resistant weaves for puffers as midlayers or light outerwear. Rainwear with smooth and warm handles, like rubber boots.
Dulled plastic accessories and components, high-design sculptured effects, and ultra-matt 3D prints.

Metal and colour: lightweight and compactable performant fabrics with strong contrasts. Exteriors with vibrant colours and interiors in precious metallic laminations.
Metallic iridescence and refined shot looks, subtly shimmering multi-functionals.

Augmented wool: men’s broadcloths and flannels, carded wools with an authentic look cosy up to functional bondings. Membraned suitings in real wool blends, sweater knits with enhanced thermal performance. Fine Merino wool knits for naturally climatic baselayers.

Satin reflections: super neat and very elegant waterproof featherweights, deep satiny reflections
with more of a silky than synthetic look and feel.

Fancy retro-reflectives: yarn plays and graphic prints, both visible or as surprises to pop out under bright headlights. Accessories act in unity.

Supple plumpness: fancy quilted knits, bubble-gum scubas with a very comforting softness, light and not cumbersome cocoons to compact into a sports bag.

Graphic and geometric: geometric or alveolar prints and knit textures for fast-dry and anti-bacterial knits.