This week, Première Vision is making a stopover in Hyères!

The 34th edition of the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères is taking place this week, from April 25 to 29, at Villa Noailles. Première Vision actively supports this festival.

Since 2011, Première Vision has been partnering with the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and fashion Accessories in Hyères. Today, the group sponsors the Festival’s fashion prize, accompanied by a 20,000 € award, named the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision.

But Première Vision’s involvement goes well beyond the prize. The 10 Fashion Prize finalists – together with the 10 finalists in the Accessories Prize category – have been welcomed to the Première Vision Paris shows in February, thus enjoying direct contact with top international yarn, fabric, leather, accessories and components (Zips, buttons, ribbons, laces…), and manufacturing companies to help them create the collection they show at the Festival.

Première Vision Paris also provides the winner of the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision with a high level of exposure to fashion professionals at its September edition through a dedicated exhibition.

Then, former winners and finalists get a free access for 2 years to Première Vision Paris with the opportunity to attend its fashion seminars set up by the show’s dedicated fashion team. If they wish, they can also benefit from the expertise of the Première Vision teams, who can advise them event after the shows have ended.

The finalists of the 34th Festival and their partners among Première Vision Paris’ exhibitors:


Finalists of the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision Fashion Prize

Tetsuya Doi, Yota Anazawa, Manami Toda (Collection produced with the support of Première Vision exhibitors : Komatsu Matere, Supima)

Dita Enikova (Leathertex, Sfate & Combier, Emmetex Etichettificio, Lampo – Lanfranchi, Société Choletaise de fabrication, Supima)

Emilia Kuurila (Balsa Leather Bags, Emmetex Etichettificio, Sfate & Combier, Supima)

Milla Lintilä (Ghioldi, Luxury Jersey, Sfate & Combier, Guigou)

Yana Monk (Tess, Shun Hing Zipper)

Roisin Pierce (Shindo, Weft)

Christoph Rumpf (Sfate & Combier, Emmetex Etichettificio)

Tina Schwizgebel (BRB, Tannerie Remy Carriat, Supima)

Tsung Chien Tang (Ventures, Supima)

Lucille Thièvre (Guigou, Soieries Cheval, Emmetex Etichettificio, Luxury Jersey, Aymerick le Deun)

Tetsuya Doi, Yota Anazawa, Manami Toda  (Komatsu Matere)

Finalists of the Accessories Prize

Fanny Aigroz (Collection produced with the support of Première Vision exhibitors : JRC Reflex)

Dorian Cayol & Quentin Barralon (Tannerie Remy Carriat)

Wei Chan, Raiheth Rawla (Ventures)

Martial Charasse (JRC Reflex, Tissage des Chaumes, La Fille)

Eun-Song Joo (Manifattura Di Domodossol)

Mathilde Legagneur

Kexuan Li

Sarah Levy (Emmetex Etichettificio, As Erdogan Deri, Aymeric le Deun)

Noélia Morales (Supima)

Maria Niana Vàclavkovà