The PV Awards 2014 edition

For the 6th edition of its celebrated PV Awards, Première Vision Fabrics once again went all in on creativity. An inspiring event that is always highly-awaited by industry weavers and buyers.

The PV Awards provides an occasion to honour the most outstanding, inventive and innovative creations from among the textiles exhibited at Première Vision Fabrics. To decide the winners, the world’s premier fabric show meets each year in September behind a prestigious jury made up of influential personalities from the international fashion scene. 4 prizes were awarded:

• THE GRAND JURY PRIZE 2014: for the most outstanding, most symbolic and most pertinent fabric of the season, goes to GdA (Italy)
• THE HANDLE PRIZE 2014: for the fabric that allies the most astonishing tactile and behavioural qualities, the fabric that touches the senses and the emotions, is attributed to Luxury Jersey (Italy)
• THE INNOVATION PRIZE 2014: for the fabric that is the most innovative, the most intelligent, the most technological and creative, is awarded to wool specialists Ala Campolmi Industrie (Italy)
• THE IMAGINATION PRIZE 2014: for the most daring, the most original, the most surprising fabric in terms of fibre, technique, decoration or finishing, goes to Lanificio Faisa (Italy)


The jury of the 6th edition

Yiqing YIN : Jury President – Artistic Director of the Maison Yiqing Yin, France
Luca Zanatta : Fabrics and Materials Research and Development Manager, Diesel, Italy
Francamaria Bartolucci : Product Development, Vivienne Westwood, United Kingdom
Edward Crutchley : Consultant, textile design and development, Louis Vuitton Homme, France
Clare Johnston : Head of Textiles Program, Royal College of Art, United Kingdom
Kenta Matsushige : Winner of the Première Vision Grand Jury Prize at the 2014 Hyères International Festival, Japan
Jieun Rhee : Journalist ELLE Korea, South Korea
Pascaline Wilhelm : Fashion Director, Première Vision


  1. Edition 2013+

    The PV awards 2013 winners :

    The Grand Jury Prize : Komatsu Seiren (Japon)

    For the most outstanding, most symbolic and most pertinent fabric of the season.

    Komatsu Seiren won the Grand Prize with an amazing “sandwich” fabric: a deep green polyurethane foam inserted between two printed fabrics, both of which are woollen imposters. One looks like a men’s herringbone, the other looks like a tartan dressed up with a bright blue colour. The unexpectedness of this fabric lies in its behaviour. Thanks to the compressible foam, the fabric remembers an impression for just a few minutes, before slowly returning to its initial shape. The well-rounded fabric takes on volumes of variable dimensions, marries shapes and softly accompanies motion.

    The Innovation Prize : Inseta (Italie)

    For the most innovative, most intelligent, most technological and creative fabric.

    Inseta proposes a new generation silk, with a bouncy bonding, comprised of two perfectly smooth and slippery pure silks. With a black back and a green face, it’s quite sophisticated looking, with a surprisingly smooth handle and very modern way of moving. This assembly reveals a muscular suppleness that is almost rubbery, and completely springy.

    The Handle Prize : Luigi Colombo (Italie)

    For the fabric that allies the most astonishing tactile and behavioural qualities, the fabric that touches the senses and the emotions.

    This fabric by Luigi Colombo is most importantly the meeting of warm nobility and light thickness. It’s the subtle marriage of a classically elegant camelhair broadcloth and a resolutely technical polyurethane foam. It’s a fabric that brings together the performance universe and citified elegance. New creative and design possibilities open up thanks to its warm and foamy handle, with its soft firmness.

    The Imagination Prize : H.O.H. (Autriche)

    For the most daring, the most original, the most surprising fabric in terms of fibre, technique, decoration or finishing.

    H.O.H. presents a very modern and quite couture guipure, a balance of tradition and modernity. Starting with cut-out tires, the original materials are given a new dimension, and hand assembled. To create this project H.O.H. partnered with an Italian workshop specialised in artistic recycling, to create a link between art, craft and industry. One of the house’s historic patterns, which is traditionally developed for embroideries, was transposed onto the material thanks to the original, hand-made cut/sewn assembly process, which made possible this fanciful and unexpected meeting between eco-friendliness and haute couture.

    The jury of the 5th PV Awards :
    Alessandro SARTORI – President of the Jury Directeur Artistique, Berluti, France
    Satu MAARANEN Winner of the Première Vision Grand Jury Prize at the 2013 Hyères International Festival, Finland
    Kathryn O’BRIEN Head of Design Direction & Global Design Sports Performance, Adidas, Allemagne
    Sandrine MERLE Journalist, Les Echos Série Limitée, France
    Victor DZENK President and Designer of the Viktor Dzenk brand, Brazil
    Serge COHEN Director of Collection Development, Façonnable, France
    Bertrand MARECHAL Professor of fashion and design, Geneva University of Art and Design (HEADS), Switzerland
    Pascaline WILHELM Fashion Director, Première Vision

  2. Edition 2012+

    The PV awards 2012 winners :

    The Grand Jury Prize : Ricciarini Tessile – Italie
    Innovation Prize : Ricciarini Tessile – Italie
    Handle Prize : Jackytex – Tessuti A Maglia Spa – Italie
    Imagination Prize : Nikke – The Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd – Japon

    The 2012 PV Awards jury

    Felipe Oliveira Baptista, president of the 4th edition of the PV Awards

    He’s known for being down to earth and discreet, but he is above all extremely talented: Felipe Oliveira Baptista, a Portuguese-born designer who has been living and showing his collections in Paris since 2003, has been named the next President of the PV Awards. Creative director of Lacoste since 2010, he updated the brand with the crocodile logo by making it more feminine. At the same time he has continued to develop his own brand, created almost 10 years ago.

    Alongside this talented designer, influential fabric and fashion experts and personalities will constitute the particularly international jury of the 4th PV Awards :

    Ettore Corti, Head of fabric purchases and quality, Piazza Sempione, Italy
    Ragne Kikas, Winner of the Première Vision prize at the Hyères 2012 International Festival, Estonia
    Franc’ Pairon, Director of the Design Postgraduate Program, IFM (Institut français de la Mode), France
    Alain Sabatier, Collection Director, New Man, France
    Eric Wright, Freelance Designer, United States
    Robb Young, journalist, Royaume Uni
    Pascaline Wilhelm, Première Vision Fashion Director

  3. Edition 2011+

    The PV awards 2011 winners :
    The Grand Jury Prize : EUROMAGLIA – Italie
    Handle Prize : TORAY JAPAN (TORAY INDUSTRIES) – Japon
    Innovation Prize : FEDERICO ASPESI – Italie
    Imagination Prize : FORSTER WILLI / FORSTER ROHNER – Suisse

    The PV Awards 2011 Jury
    Roland Mouret, a French designer based in London for the past twenty years, has been named president of the jury for the 2011 PV Awards. To help him select the prize winners and nominees, Roland Mouret will be assisted by an international jury composed of renowned fashion industry pros :

    Zhou Hong, chief designer Dalian Sunfed Int’l Group (Chine)
    Francesco Bova, Fabric Research & Development Manager, Valentino (Italie)
    Brigitte Comazzi, Artistic Director, Fashion Consultant (France)
    Marie-Christine Rousseau, Purchasing Manager, Agnès b. (France)
    Tony Delcampe, Head of La Cambre-mode (Belgique)
    Céline Méteil, designer, winner of the Première Vision Prize at Hyères (France)
    Pascaline Wilhelm, Fashion Director Première Vision

  4. Edition 2010+

    The winners!
    Noon, Thursday 16 September, a huge crowd gathered at the Forum Général of Première Vision for the announcement of the winners of the PV Awards 2010 by the President of the jury, Ennio Capasa, the founder and creative director of Costume National.

    Five prizes were given during this, the second edition of the PV Awards:

    The Grand Jury Prize : LANIFICIO LUIGI RICCERI srl (Italie)
    Upset the senses and intuition with a pure silk. Run rings around heaviness with suppleness. Surprise with a handle that is almost synthetic, and a rustle that shouts silk. Take on the nobility of twill with disruptive raw yarns. And roll it all up in roundness with the lightness of a springy handle.

    Handle Prize : MARIOBOSELLI YARNS & JERSEY SpA (Italie)
    Ally density with fluidity, consistency with liquidity, with elasticity. Play on a visible metallic coldness with a weighty mobility, articulate the structures of a viscose milano in generous waves – and make reflections vibrate like lively silver.

    Innovation Prize : SCHOELLER TEXTIL AG (Suisse)
    Discreetly enhance elegance. Draw on high-tech innovations for jackets and trousers with an impeccably woollen aspect. Direction: a protective chicness, with virtuoso heat-regulation that is impalpable and invisible, to create unlined garments with a wool/polyester/stretch bonding.

    Imagination Prize : K. LINE Co. Ltd (Japon)
    Start with the perfection of an intense and absolute plain, the perfection of density, and add a flaming red heart with a poetic immensity. Like a deliciously multilayered pastry, beat in a precious core, trap it between two layers of soberness, thus uniting shade and lifeforce – freeing clothing imagination in all the prowess of detail.

    Special Woolmark Prize : NIKKE-THE JAPAN WOOL TEXTILE Co. (Japon)
    Stamp wool with the mark of modernity. Combine solidity with suppleness in a pure wool. Reconcile dryness and reassurance, through intimately blended, finely irregular and subtly slubbed colours. Harmonise the sturdy tautness of yarns with the voluptuousness of weaves for a skilfully absorbed gleam.

  5. Edition 2009+

    The PV awards 2009 winners :
    The Grand Jury Prize : Ratti – Italie
    The Innovation Prize : Iwanaka – Japon
    The Handle Prize : Showa – Japon
    The Imagination Prize : Jakob Schlaepfer – Suisse

    The Jury
    President: Véronique Nichanian, artistic director of menswear at Hermès
    Fabrizio Flaccomio, senior designer and head of fabric research at Prada
    Oliver Horton, journalist
    Hirofumi Kurino, senior advisor & creative advisor at United Arrows,
    Nicolas Lepoutre, coordinator of fabric research at Louis Vuitton
    Florence Müller, fashion historian and professor at IFM Paris
    Marc Ossedat, designer for Le Printemps
    Kevin Tallon, creative intelligence manager, Central Saint Martins / UK
    Pascaline Wilhelm, fashion director of Première Vision


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