Jean-Pierre Blanc’s Cloud of Fashion

The founder of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography takes a look behind the scenes at the partnership begun in 2011 with Première Vision, when Hyères and Première Vision decided to award a yearly prize together.

Why decide to combine forces?

It was first and foremost a human adventure. Philippe Pasquet, CEO of Première Vision, and Didier Grumbach, president of the Hyères Festival, share the same vision of creativity, so this partnership was born of a shared conviction. Fashion can’t exist without its raw materials, and its future depends on supporting young talent. In this spirit the Hyères Grand Jury Prize, awarded to the winner of the fashion contest, is now called the Première Vision Prize. The award comes with a sizeable 15,000-euro prize, but involvement doesn’t end there. The winner’s collection is also featured at the Première Vision edition in New York in July, and the show in September in Paris.

The show also provides special support to the finalists. What kind of support?

Première Vision gives them a privileged access during the February show. This introduction to the world of fabrics and raw materials is very valuable for them as they pursue their projects. The show has also developed partnerships with certain manufacturers who can more closely supervise those candidates who wish it. This experience is found to be very instructive, and most of the young designers then return to all the show’s editions.

What role do raw materials play in creating fashion?

Creating is a time for openness and discovery. It’s a global process in which the choice of materials plays a fundamental role. This choice is a critical step in the design of an item, and establishing a pattern or style. Première Vision is aware of the stakes involved, and designers have made this a show they cannot miss, because they know they’ll find a unique opportunity for discovery and inspiration.

What role do Première Vision and the Hyères Festival play in terms of young design talent?

Our two institutions have chosen to invest heavily in the next generation. We support young talent, offer them visibility, and broaden their networks … And we share the same conviction: the avant-garde holds the key to the future of fashion.

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