Style Focus A°19W°20 : nonchalant tailoring

The feminine suit


Pantsuits in minimalist and masculine versions, just a touch ’90s, are musts this season. Long, double-breasted strong-shouldered blazers are cut from dry and springy wools, or cold, perfectly structured synthetics. Cuts flirt with finely calibrated details, pant legs are a bit too long to catch around the ankles, and pockets are overstitched in light tone-on-tone shades. A slender silhouette, brightened up with accessories with elongated proportions as in a narrow scarf and a finely decorated satchel-bag with generous handles. 

Warm elegance

The trench, an iconic component of the elegant wardrobe, grows thicker, and has fun with contrasting fabrics and aspects. Asymmetry and vibrant colours are played on throughout the silhouette.

Rough joins smooth, matt and shine work in dazzling synergy, with coats made of grainy broadcloth, belted in finely smoothed leather. A silhouette where high boots and a clutch bag contribute to a youthful, pared-down chic.


Contemporary tailoring


The fitted, tailored suit plays on invisible qualities, sophisticating the smallest details. Made in a wool/linen or wool/synthetic blend, it’s soft, light and comfortable. It’s thermal, stain-resistant and precisely stretch. Interiors are meticulous, with linings borrowed from the sports world, streetwear details and techno braids. It is adorned in shades of vibrating neutrals, with subtle harmonies between shirts in matt flannelled chiné fabrics, and richly shiny fine turtlenecks.