Style Focus A°19 W°20 : A city workwear

City workwear

The casual workwear silhouette is evolving, now displaying fuller volumes and a happier, younger, almost hip-hop attitude. Sturdy and solid menswear, with overalls made of compact cottons and synthetics, visible weaves, and deep-dug diagonals to wear over sweaters and hoodies made from new generation fleeces, larger and super comfortable knits, like a giant cuddly toy. Clothing whose colours, visibility and weight are related to components and accessories derived from the world of protection and the outdoors.


The activist


A silhouette with a studied, precise simplicity. Good, sustainable and durable products favouring clean, functional and well thought-out cuts. A sturdy and supple woollen pea jacket, with large blurry checks, carefully brushed, is worn over denims and slacks in wool or cotton and cashmere blends. A fine sweater or sweatshirt is worn next to the body, tucked into the pants! Finally, shoes with a hiking look are thicker, calling for attention with their colourful laces.

A brazen beauty

A juniors’ silhouette playing on gentle provocation and complementary volumes. A cleverly supple yet heavier denim micro miniskirt. A blouse with giant puffy sleeves in compact decorated, flocked, sequined and ombré silkies. Dazzling boots in finely shimmering, metallic-colours and a vibrant and showy fanny pack with a car-body shine, made of anodised leather.