Style Focus A°19 W°20 : Amplitude

A sporty fullness

Fullness is evolving, and XXL sizes give way to plays on layering and styles. Perfectly waterproof feather-light blousons are added on to compact wool coats lent structure by herringbone stripes or generous diagonals. Transformable styles to pile on top of each other, emphasizing the associations between pieces with buttons and zips borrowed from sports. A silhouette structured in successive layers, with super long body-hugging knit dresses and sneakers with fancy platforms.


The extravagant one


Freely combining decoration, volumes, materials and colours for a one-off, cheerfully unruly silhouette. Oversized looks embrace fantasy in a chubby, exaggeratedly decorated Michelin-man jacket, where layered printing techniques, embroidery and insets adorn a woollen fabric. A silhouette with fully-assumed contrast from head to toe, where tight-around-the-ankle pants are worked in an ultra-soft and washable leather. Accessories take up a spectacular amount of space, with a wildly colourful bucket bag and layered scarves.

A relaxed chic

Warmed up by a cocoon coat with the look of an expanded puffer coat, the silhouette is based on comfort and elegant nonchalance, ever so slightly shifted. Quiltings and weaves undercut the codes of even regularity, inventing deviant diagonals or furrows, evolving heights, constructions derived from the very structures of fabrics. Pants continue to aim for fullness and a winter version of fluidity, borrowed from the languid, slightly wrinkled, politely broken surfaces of suitings.