S/S 19 Updating : Fashion Attitudes

The Updating report surveyed selected international buyers in April – May 2018, to highlight key products to introduce into your spring summer collections today.



A revved-up spring-summer 19 injects elegance in everyday wear. It confirms the importance of a streetwear influence and adds a modern note, giving a refresh to informal pieces. The new casualwear plays on contrasts, and pairs dense and creamy drape with moving surfaces and plastic shine.
Snapping cottons, linen-y aspects and micro seersuckers with a fine irregularity, cellulosics with a soft smoothness make up the wardrobe for summer 19.
Comfort and suppleness thanks to integrated fabric technology, for silhouettes with a fluid nonchalance and invisible performance.
Chic, lighter-weight functional apparel and garments worn in new ways emphasize a casual mood with utilitarian details, and accessories with a dashing display of fantasy.
In constructing silhouettes, boldness is exercised, with deliberate and pronounced asymmetries, cheerful hybrids and assemblies, and sleeves with elaborated volumes.
Eco-responsibility is by-now essential. This is evidenced by most brands’ growing interest in committing to an environmentally friendly approach.