Spring Summer 2020 : Yarns Opening

Yarns lie at the very origin of the eccentricities found in a clearly daring spring summer 2020 season.
They inject weaves and knits with sought-out irregularities, graphic throwings, points of shine, tactile surprises, and other deliberate disruptions.


They slyly mislead the senses, and play on perception. What catches the eye isn’t confirmed in the hand. Dense visual effects saturated with fantasy astonish when weighed.
A search for lightness is conveyed by extra fine yarn counts, or, conversely, by voluminous yarns that grow airy through large loops or netting, for showy but almost weightless knits.
Metallic, pearly, transparent or iridescent filaments give rise to diaphanous fabrics that shimmer with a shot gleam.
Recycled, biodegradable, bio-sourced fibres place a respect for nature as the basis of all creative endeavours. A commitment to quality leading to traceability and sustainability.
Whether growing denser or lighter, yarns this season seek to make a break with established aesthetics. They rivet the eye with their surprising details, create an impact with a powerful aesthetic message, decorate and blur their tracks. Disruptive elements, yes – but also respectful and virtuous through their eco-responsibility.