The spring-summer 2020 season film

The Première Vision team is proud to unveil the Spring-Summer 2020 film.

Desolina Suter* took over as artistic director. A magician when it comes to images and atmospheres, she was guided by her own delight in revealing and imparting motion into materials, in bringing the season’s concepts to life. What could be better than the actual sight and sounds of a body in motion, dancing… What better way to speak about fashion than through body language and behaviour? To speak about clothing from the way it alights on the body or hugs it, a second-skin that takes its shape and identity from the person wearing it?


In the film, Desolina Suter sought to convey the strong and essential impact that constitutes the very DNA of the spring-summer 2020 season. The images absorb the viewer, caught up in vital, encompassing, captivating colours and materials. Not just sight but all the senses are involved and act in synesthetic concert.


Teaser film saison printemps-été 2020 Première Vision Paris

The film complements the tools made available at the Première Vision Paris show. Like the forums presenting a selection of emblematic samples, it draws us into the season’s various stylistic directions.


Diversity occupies a special place this season, and starts the ball rolling. And we’re thrilled, because it corresponds to fashion’s gradual acceptance of people as they are, with all their specificities and differences, which, while they can be disruptive, also make our world richer, more open and more generous.

Over the course of a hypnotic dream, at times aerial, aquatic, or terrestrial, all the concepts underpinning spring-summer 2020 fashions –  fluidity, lightness, agility and fantasy – are evoked right before our eyes. The journey ends with the signage red we elected as the season’s key colour, found both in our colour range and across the different spaces at the show.

Just like the younger generation of Italian designers and their optimistic outlook on the future of fashion, the film created by Desolina Suter in collaboration with the Première Vision team – director, graphic designer and sound designer** – shows what makes the heart of fashion tick. Constantly evolving towards ever more emotion, progress, values and meaning is the true challenge, beyond just a seasonal expression.


* Desolina Suter is the founder of Uragano Studio in Milan and Première Vision’s Fashion Coordinator in Italy.
** Sound designer: Bretzel Lab by Nicolas Judelewicz