Spring Summer 2020 : Leather opening

This season is in love with lightness, and leather is no exception. It seeks to adorn without thickening, without constraining, all the while expressing an oh-so-alive materiality –  an exquisite contradiction.

Refined to the extreme, leather welcomes airiness, turning it into an adornment. It lends itself to fabric-like pleatings, to paper-like wrinklings. When open-worked, it becomes a kind of netting,  letting in the light … We play with the idea of a certain graphic simplicity. We re-design classic backgrounds in a playful artificial version. A desire for dynamic design, inspired by textiles and the world of sport.

The leathers of spring summer 2020 are decorated with delicate finishes that enhance without masking.

Subtle coatings beautify leathers while revealing the touching, particular beauty of the grain.

Leathers with an intimately reflective dazzle, lightened and airy leathers: a desire for freshness is palpable this spring summer 2020.
An original, sensual and desirable universe is emerging, a world apart, part sea and part sky, far from the bustle of the city.