The spring summer 2020 Fashion summary

The season

A full, grand, different, strong and enthusiastic season.
A season committed to a joyful eco-responsibility, imposing fantasy, high-impact colour, gripping handles and an ease at once offbeat and sexy, elegant and sometimes disconcerting.

Colour highlights

The Première Vision colour range was highly acclaimed, and gives high priority to vivacity and warm colourways.

The impact of red, the luminosity of tones ranging all the way to neons, an overflowing saturation, the sophistication of mid-tones and a revelatory white dynamically heighten the proposed harmonies: joyful and dissonant multicolours, impeccable plains engorged with pigment, vibrant ombré tones, powdery rainbows and grating superimpositions.

Product highlights

Punchy eco fashion : Ever more mindful of its responsibilities, is moving towards eco-friendly fashion. The old cult of secrecy is out, and transparency and traceability are now fundamental ingredients defining a product’s added-value and quality. Style is in no way compromised by the new considerations, but instead draws on these new givens to truly embrace looks that are strong, committed, colourful and happy. An ecological approach, for responsible consumption founded in colour, enjoyment and a light-minded spirit.

Invigorating agility : Subtly and energetically enhancing, promoting, accompanying or triggering motion. Lively handles, fluidity, fleshy suppleness, sheathing and protective stretch, moving shine and fleeting lights.

Beneficial lightness : Enveloping in air and filters, veiling in superimposed layers, and revealing with new approaches to fullness. Tracing-paper layers, opaque fineness, artificial skins, ripplings and shiverings

Joyful impact : Nonconformity affirmed with a joyful determination and panache. Ultra-colours, feisty plains, full patterns, augmented naturals, a punchy eco-friendliness.