Spring Summer 2020 : Designs opening

Spring summer 2020 celebrates decoration on a grand scale, with cheery visuals enhancing vibrant colours, a season shot through with a gently troubling strangeness.
Two directions – both of which reject ordinary conventions.

Patterns raise colours as a flag of pride, yielding to their eccentricities in a jubilant, colourful immersion. Simple and full shapes and imperfect freehand geometrics worked in flat tints or textured colour display saturated tones used to mark one’s difference. More elaborate depictions such as landscapes are sometimes slipped between coloured overlays serving as filters and films, to add transparency and soften graphics. Colour transforms motifs, alters appearances and creates a unique atmosphere.

Another direction this season is articulated around unusual plants, even imaginary and vaguely disturbing plants, with misdirecting and somewhat caustic colours. Prickly, bionic, mutant flowers and cyber-plants. Lighting is improbable and unreal: nocturnal shades in a daytime environment, overexposure, solarisation and menacing colours used in a cheerful setting, a wink to indicate we’re playing make-believe.

Whether we recharge our batteries by drawing on the energy of generous, confident motifs in high-powered colours, or lean in to a world of bizarre flowers that surprise and sting to elicit a reaction, the message couldn’t be clearer: don’t be afraid to show off!