Spring Summer 2020 : Accessories opening

Spring summer 2020 accessories explore the concept of motion in a free, playful and intriguing way, inventing an enigmatic softness where pastels and enchanting reflections cultivate mystery with charm and poetry.


Accessory visuals capture moving rhythms and render them in freeze-frame. Geometric shapes and cheerful colours – often highlighted by a lacquered shine – look buffeted by matter undergoing a transformation, surprised in the midst of morphing into a subsequent state. Plays on bands we think we can rotate, on streaks and irregular stripes interfere with decoration already in place, so that two graphic languages intersect, in the idea of an evolution from one to the other, an imminent shift in one or the other. Stamping and embossing contribute to the optical illusion by strengthening the 3D effect.

Another story – this one more feminine, lighter – permeates the season’s accessories. This is about shine in very soft, pale colourways seeking to acquire depth and consistency, like transparent materials that have been gradually built up for a greater feeling of presence. Veiled in opalescence, matter is enigmatic and smooth, it intrigues and attracts us without ever really revealing what it’s made of. Iridescent gradations exert a magical seduction, metallics grow milky, a pearly transparency charms and eludes us, a veiled shine comes to us from a distance, keeping its secrets, and luminescent decoration fascinates. Rounded, organic, plumped-up shapes cradle us, reassuring us of the harmless, innocent nature of this white magic.