New! Euveka and its connected Mannequins joins the wearable lab

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A connected and endlessly adjustable mannequin

The result of six years of R & D, Euveka’s women’s robotic mannequin is a technological innovation designed to adapt as closely as possible to the evolution of the human body, according to age and morphology. Guided by design software, it can evolve fully or by zone, by height or width, according to a body scale or given garment.

This technological innovation makes it possible to recreate 80% of the current morphologies of Caucasian and Asian women from 1m 55 to 1m 80, sizes 36 to 46, and the changing shape of a 17 to 77 year-old body. Euveka targets fashion professionals / industrialists (from haute couture to mass distribution), sports and health as well as the saffety and film industries

Behind the scenes at Euveka … President Audrey-Laure Bergenthal explains how this unusual dummy works!

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Euveka revolutionises prototyping

A connected mannequin makes it possible to produce clothing sized for any customer or target market. In addition to custom-made solutions for clients, Euveka’s innovative product facilitates manufacturing processes by saving time and cutting prototyping costs in half. Lastly, it has a true environmental impact by reducing textile waste.

Euveka thus brings to the fore a new vision of the textile economy, putting the consumer at the heart of the design process, building on the twin pillars of quality and production ethics.

Come discover them for the first time at Première Vision Paris / Wearable Lab, Hall 6 !

New in Febuary! Wearable Lab, a 900 m2 village entirely dedicated to Fashion Tech, Hall 6.
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