Première Vision Accessories : New exhibitors

44 EMB STUDIO             


This embroidery firm does not limit its activity to the usual sectors. This studio was created in 2013 and its mission is to decorate all types of surfaces and objects, from clothing and bridal wear to jewellery, patches, shoe uppers, panels, bags and diverse accessories. Sufera Adenwala, the founder and director of the studio likes to explore new ground. Using the most varied and sometimes unexpected materials, such as buttons or straws, applied with consummate skill and imagination, 44 EMB Studio showcases its uniqueness and its versatility. Despite a vast archive of designs, each time the company readapts and invents brand new models, according to the requests of its customers. In this studio, work is performed to order and the exclusivity of the models is guaranteed. In addition, they accompany every step of the creative process, from the original idea to the production and delivery.




This embroiderer has worked for nearly 20 years with leading houses, mainly producing handmade embroideries, knitting and crochet. Recently, the company decided to fit itself out with modern mechanical embroidery machinery. The combination of manual work and cutting-edge technology has given rise to decorations that can be easily removed from their background and transposed on to any material. This feature makes the process a lot easier and saves time in the production of the finished article. With extreme sensitivity to textures, Andrea Maglie works with reliefs and highlights to produce items with sometimes astonishing realism. A creativity that the embroiderer makes available to clients for specific orders, irrespective of the timeframe.

andrea maglie2



This company specialised in the development of clothing accessories, is the fruit of more than 30 years of experience, combined with the artisanal traditions of Anand Export Group, a textile company located in New Delhi. Produced by highly-qualified Indian artisans, the various types of embroidery, decorations, crest patches, uppers, applications and beaded decorations have conquered the bridal wear and cocktail markets as well as the ready-to-wear and haute couture sectors. Fashion labels appreciate BCN Fashion Group’s capacity to meet their customisation needs, while retaining the same high levels of quality and creativity, whether it is for small details or spectacular productions.




In this globalised world, a beautiful, well-made product is not enough; it also has to be competitive and ecologically sound. In addition, it must be bang on trend and delivered quickly. The accessories produced by Bielleci, including buttons, press fasteners, buckles, hook-and-eye fasteners, sliders, rivets, pendants and jewels, whether they are made from metal, plastic, wood, glass, beads or fabric, all boast the quality and the care paid to the details of handmade articles, despite being produced industrially using cutting-edge technology with guaranteed traceability. Always attuned to the latest trends, the manufacturer anticipates the needs of the market and places its creativity at the service of customisation for a clientele coming mainly from the clothing and leather goods sectors.




Founded by Dario, Massimo and Paolo Bitto, three brothers trained in the studio of a Milanese furrier, Bitto srl started out creating fur garments for a private client base. Subsequently, the company developed partnerships with prestigious fashion houses. Bitto now works with Loro Piana, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Missoni among others. From selecting skins, dyeing them and the research of details through to the finished garment, the company accompanies its clients through all the stages of the creative process. The company particularly stands out for its combinations of materials where mink, rex or chinchilla combine with cashmere and other noble fibres in intelligent and refined compositions: reversible furs, incrustations, cut-outs, shadings, and other specific demands are designed and produced by artisans trained in the excellence and expertise that traditionally characterise Italian products.




The Erum group is a multinational specialised in the production of hangars. Whether made from plastic, wood or metal, baby-sized and with an ecological line, thanks to its 100% integrated production, Erum can produce any type of hangar. And because the austere plain plastic hangar has had its day, Erum offers a more fashion focused range with different colours and prints.







Hand & Lock, an embroidery company founded in 1767, is the oldest company of its type in London. Specialised in gold embroidery, military trimmings and embroidered patches, Hand & Lock offers a tailor-made service ranging from in-house sample making to large production runs. With more than 250 years of embroidering, embellishment and producing monograms, Hand & Lock work for the Royal Family and the leading luxury houses.




Silicon is a material of the future. We see it with increasing frequency but we are far from having explored all its possibilities. Ingomma can prove this: jewellery, ornaments, chokers, frogging, sliders, patches, badges, straps, inserts, galons, piping, flat pockets…there are almost no limits to the use of this soft, supple and multi-purpose material. This Canadian company only uses premium quality perfumed silicon, certified as hypoallergenic, in sheets ranging from 1 to 40 mm in thickness, laser cut and coloured to order (double-sided is possible). Very committed to environmental protection, Ingomma seeks to achieve waste-free production. All of its offcuts are recyclable, as are the finished products, and can be used to produce new sheets of silicon. Designers can let their imagination run free without worrying about quantity constraints, thanks to the flexibility of laser production which means there is no need to create moulds.




This company took over from Fraternali Luisa when it closed in 2001. Drawing on more than 35 years of expertise in the production of fur coats, I.M.Ilaria Mattioli specialises in semi-finished fur items for the footwear, leather goods and clothing sectors, supplying renowned labels from Italy, England, France or America. All the furs are certified and the tanning and dyeing are performed in Italy and have REACH certification. Whether these are animals bred for their meat or their fur (rabbit, lamb, fox, fine racoon, mink, Mongolian or Kidassia goat), the company is committed to respect for the animals and all the materials are selected in line with the rigorous principles of European legislation. These are the only limits this manufacturer sets itself, as its combinations, colour palettes and formats demonstrated breathtaking imagination.

Ilaria Mattioli



Since 1997, this company has been producing accessories, buckles, handles, clasps, chains, bracelets, pendants, buttons, sliders and other supplies mainly for garments, leather goods, footwear and jewellery.

JingHwa works with a variety of materials, including metal, bamboo, resin, acrylic, ABS and other premium plastics, and specialises in combining them. In its 12,000 m² factory fitted with digital machinery, this manufacturer manages the dyeing, injection, inclusion, plating, polishing and the production of moulds. Here we will find colourful and varied fashion items that have been produced and finished with meticulous care, aimed at a mid to top-range designer clientele.





Intransigent when it comes to harmlessness, this manufacturer of press fasteners and rivets promotes plastic as the ideal material for babies and infants, its largest market. Hypoallergenic, soft to the touch, with no risk of scratching or tearing, the plastic used by Kaji Tech also boasts other qualities. It is very resistant, stable through a wide range of temperatures and when incinerated does not release toxic gases. Today, the success of this nearly 100-year old company has largely expanded outside of Japan, and it is likely that we all have some Kaji Tech press fasteners around us at the moment. Because the pureness of their minimalist design and the quality of their colours and finishes – matt, super shiny or metallic – also attracts the fashion, jeanswear and even workwear sectors.

KAJI tech3



Nilorn, a Belgian company founded in 1970, offers its clients expertise in labelling, packaging and accessories. They offer global, creative and tailor-made concepts in branding, design, product development and even in logistical solutions. Nilorn is also environmentally friendly and has signed up to the sustainable development principles of the UN Global Compact. The Global Compact is the most important sustainability initiative with more than 12,000 participating companies and organisations in more than 170 companies.





Transfers, labels, jacron, labels, patches and packaging, on rubber, textile, leather and faux-leather… Officina 3 offers its creativity, its ability to propose the right solutions and its range of expertise in screen-printing, transfers, high frequency, laser, embroidery and micro-injection to the service of brand identities. The company aims to be a truly proactive partner of clients from the premium and luxury sectors in fashion, eyewear and automobiles.

Strongly committed to sustainable development, Officina 3 boasts the latest equipment using renewable energies and waste processing and is able to provide its clients with exacting environmental guarantees.

officina 3



This Italian family firm offers a large range of leather items: labels, belt straps, buttons, sliders and packaging. The products are 100% Made in Italy as Piovese Fashion manages all the stages in the production process. In addition to its expertise in leather working, Piovese Fashion offers a number of finishes such as hot printing, laser, digital or relief printing, screen printing, high frequency, embroidery and sewing, a variety of treatments and washes, and customised developments. A flexible structure that can respond to all the demands of fashion labels. Keen to offer environmentally-friendly products, Piovese Fashion has put in place a number of solutions including recycling leather offcuts, chrome-free leather, vegetable tanning, the use of renewable energies.





Poursin produces buckles and metal items in brass on ancient machines, some 60 to 100 years old, operated by a team of loyal workers, including one craftsman welder who has worked there for 30 years. The market, however, has evolved. Initially specialised in harness parts this company, which is nearly 200 years old, saw horse transport come to an end. Having provided supplies to the Garde Républicaine and the Cadre Noir de Saumur, the company turned its attention to luxury leather goods, where its high standards and expertise are renowned. It is the reference producer for anything made of brass, for which it offers a variety of finishes: polished, varnished, gilded, plated, and more.






Trained at the London College of Fashion, and bolstered by their experience at Alexander Mc Queen, Jonathan Saunders, Mathew Williamson, The Rodnik Band and House of Worth, Anurag Vora and Ruby Iqbal created their company in Mumbai in 2012, one of the centres of Indian embroidery. Ricamour presents a rich collection of embroideries with varied styles and subtle effects for couture, bridalwear, ready-to-wear or accessories, including footwear, belts, bags, headwear and jewellery. With its team of artisan embroiderers and qualified designers, as well as its experience with renowned fashion houses, Ricamour offers its clients creativity and reactivity with quality standards similar to those of haute couture.


Smart Accessori


Manufacturer of metallic accessories for footwear, leather goods, clothing and jewellery, Smart Accessori works with brass and zamak, offering various galvanisations and a range of finishes including satin, shiny, aged, gilded, etc. This dynamic, receptive and creative young company likes to take on a challenge. Rather than limiting itself to clasps, snap hooks, dee shackles, fasteners, rings, jewellery, grommets and press-studs, which represent just a small part of what it is capable of producing, the team strives to meet its customers’ requests, even if the ideas are still in the early stages. It offers creators its ability to find technical solutions, whether for limited editions or for larger production runs.


SC Print


Specialised in labelling and packaging, this family company has experienced continuous growth since it was founded in the 1970s. Over recent years, SC Print has invested in cutting-edge technologies and an industrial site covering more than 3000m², to improve its production capacities. All types of woven or embroidered labels, jacrons, hangtags, sachets, pouches and transfers are possible: SC Print takes particular care in the choice of its thread, using innovative and ecological materials (paper from seeds, recycled or biodegradable materials) to better serve the corporate image of its clients that mainly come from the fashion and apparel sectors.





Founded in 1987 in Istanbul, this knitting firm produces round and flat weaves, laces, polo shirt collars, ribbing, knitted strips and all types of knitted accessories in plain, two colour or multicolours to order, using all sorts of materials, from natural to synthetic, rigid or stretch. Mainly supplying leading sportswear, leisurewear and fashion brands, Sedat Triko has adapted to the demanding pace of constant innovation and tight schedules. Equipped with the latest technology, the company has developed an in-house barcode system in order to monitor the entire production chain, from the purchase of the thread to the delivery to the client, and can control the product quality at each stage. The efficient logistics system also allows the company to ensure the traceability of its products and to provide a truly fast and flexible service.





This Turkish company founded in 1972 and based in Istanbul has made hangars its speciality. Hangars in plastic, wood effect, metal, or personalised with your company logo. In this way hangars become a brand identification element in their own right.


tam plastik



There is nothing more noble, more insulating, or softer than natural down and nothing simpler to use than synthetic wadding. This Italian manufacturer has resolved this conundrum by patenting Thindown: a layer of veritable down that has been agglomerated like an unwoven material. The feathers do not migrate, the thickness remains constant: this revolutionary material, available in a number of weights, offers an alternative to anti-down fabrics and overstitching. Premium sports labels and designers in the fashion tech sector have already spotted this product that is unique in its field. There is undoubtedly a place for it in city wear, from elegant sleeved articles to the chic and tech sweater, or the commuter’s suit.






It’s crazy just how many uses there are for a zip puller! A flashlight, a luminous signal for urban cyclists, a pen for touchscreens… Specialised in sportswear, outdoor and technical clothing, Universe Fashion Accessories knows just how important a good quality accessory is for the overall quality and usefulness of a garment. For this manufacturer of injection-moulded accessories, sliders, drawstring stoppers, hook-and-loop buckle straps, badges, buttons and press fasteners must not only be soft to the touch and easy to use, they must also be attractive to look at and above all, environmentally friendly. The company, which works with clients in around 30 countries, including leading European and American labels, is committed to respecting current standards of quality, harmlessness and sustainability, while staying competitive, reactive and offering large production capacities.



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