Yarns selection S/S 19

GROWTH : Yarns and Knitwear for spring summer 19 cultivate the need to connect with nature, exploring the idea of transformation from one state to another. Making our lives more sustainably driven we take a closer look at yarns starting the process of planting the seed of possibilities. Finding transparency through peeling back the layers and returning to the roots where invention starts. New shoots awaken the senses, fertilizing growth through experimentation to harvest ideas in yarns, fabrics and fashion.

Yarns & Knitwear selection



A chlorophyllic reaction to light and soothing quality of reflection transmit light, bringing life and lustre to yarns with metallic filaments, processed finishes, pearlised, sparkling surfaces, holographic foils, glossy, iridescence, cellulose mixes and changeant effects.


Visually sheer looking through clear cellular structures and a delicate petal translucency with ultra-fine counts, opalescent fibres, lustrous sheen, clear polyamide, diaphanous weights, finely crimped, refined vegetal fibres, smooth, cellulosic.


Transcending from nature to man-made, bridging performance and fashion through technically enhanced fibres and yarns that improve comfort, the environment, durability, health and well-being, air-encapsulating, cooling, performance, anti-bacterial, anti-pilling.


Movement of colour and form, intertwining of yarns, texture and suppleness with moulines, blurring chromatic effects, misty space dyes, thick and thin, dimensional stretch, inventive mélanges, delicate imperfections, beautiful irregularities.




Biological mimicry, transforming knits into new dimensions and weightless volumes, irregular fluctuations create rhythmic waves of texture, exploring surfaces from exaggerated 3D to micro-textured sensuality, textural jacquards, double bed transfers, organic structures, undulating ribs and ripples.


Knit structures have a flexibility and pliancy combined with a measured fluidity and a watery suppleness, clean refined stitches, softly tactile open structures and ladderwork engineer in irregular formations and organically formed lace creates airy weightlessness.


Creating hybrid formations varying yarn combinations and technical constructions in stitches for new dimensions, creating controlled yet fascinating new permutations of construction, proportion, layering and asymmetry. Hand loomed knits and crafted heritage blend harmoniously with advanced technological developments.