Yarns and knits

There’s twisting and turning going on at the new Yarns & Knitwear space.


Spinners favour yarns with lively visuals and behaviours, expressing creativity in motion, presented at the Yarns Index. Knitters wrap the body in twirls. Knitwear Solutions gave carte blanche to Xavier Brisoux, aided by 2 spinners, M. Oro Cashmere (Yarns) and E. Miroglio Ead (Yarns), and 2 knitters, Maglificio
Ellynore (Knitwear Solutions) and Jean Ruiz (Knitwear Solutions). The knit designer developed a capsule collection of clothing and stitch points worked around the bias, in shapes that twist, untwist, and wrap around the body.

Yarns & Knitwear Forum, HALL 6, AISLE J