New fashion forums, new inspiration itineraries

In light of the major changes taking place in the industry, Première Vision has elected to refine its fashion expertise by offering a new inspiration itinerary with new forums. For a more transversal, more concrete decoding of the season
A detailed explanation from Pascaline Wilhelm, Fashion Director


The fashion industry is changing. How would you define these movements?
Our entire era is experiencing an upheaval. Fashion is no exception to that, and all its fields of activity are concerned: design, manufacturing, distribution… Today’s industry is seeing an unprecedented degree of research. People are trying out new models, experimenting with products, with ways of manufacturing and distributing. The only thing that’s certain is that there’s no miracle solution. Everyone has to find their own way. In light of this, we wanted to reaffirm our role as a
guide, by evolving the areas presenting our own reading of the trends.

What changes will your loyal visitors see?
In a world governed by immediacy, it’s important to step back and get an overview. Generally, our visitors discover our information by exploring our six spaces. With this new edition, we are providing an overall, transversal reading, in one space presenting all the key themes: the evolution of fluidity, the ascendance of light, etc. So this offer is more complete and more concrete. It comprises both a global and a detailed vision. And for the first time we’re presenting a single colour range to be shared by all our professions. A unique and precious tool both in terms of marketing and inspiration.

You’ve also condensed the number of forums. Why?
We are acting in the same spirit, looking to offer a more effective reading. Our new leather forum, “Leather Selection”, will target clothing, leather goods and footwear. The forum called “Fabrics Selection – Fancies” will bring together key themes in terms of decoration, lace, embroidery and silks. Our policy is to create simpler, more effective forums.

Première Vision also wants to reaffirm its mission…
Our role is to help our partners understand the major changes affecting the industry. This understanding is fundamental in order to become a party to these changes, and take advantage of them. Première Vision doesn’t give out a recipe for what to do. But it helps everyone to make the right choices…

More details on the forums

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