My job head of marketing

Pinar Tasdelen Engin, Assistant Managing Director, Head of External Relations and Marketing at Polyteks, Première Vision Yarns, with her tablet and phone, essential items.


Showing the face of modern Turkey is a bit my cause.

Along with my position at Polyteks, I am vicepresident of The Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB). With our 1,200 members, from small businesses to large companies, we have to contribute to the country’s economic development. Our group Tasdelen has three spinning plants. Of course we aren’t working with the final consumer. However, I am extremely involved with our image. I work to ensure a consistent brand identity and I take care of external relations, with our associates, journalists, government officials, customers. In my position, you must know both the manufacturing steps and the management process. But the most important skill concerns personal relationships. Polyteks was founded by my father, Mustafa Tasdelen, one of the leading figures in polyester yarn in Turkey and Europe. He took me to the factory during the week-ends while I was still in kindergarten. I loved the research laboratory. Like him, I became an engineer. Textiles are everywhere, in every aspect of our lives. It’s such a matter of pride to see our yarns used around the world for fashion, home furnishings, for technical uses…