Exhibitor Portraits # 6 Yarns


Édouard Liffran, General Manager, Europe of 37.5® Cocona Natural Technologies, Première Vision Yarns, chose “mutant azure” from the AW1718 colour range.

My job multitasking director 

There’s alaways something new in textiles. For us, a fibre producer, it’s the 37.5®. A great technology that improves comfort and human performance. That means it impacts the way you work, you sleep, and your sports performance! This product is almost too good to be true. It can be mixed with any fibre or printed on any material. The important thing in my professional life? The great moments that intersect. I am reminded of this brand that uses our product in all of its lines, and whose sales results prove the added-value of our technology. Or the year when the European Space Agency invited us to be part of the Couture in Orbit project. And my 8 year old son, whom I surprised by explaining to his friends the principle behind 37.5®… they all seemed to get it and wanted to wear it! I’m firmly convinced that creativity and people are the basis of everything. Every moment in the invention of a product is a sum of details made by people who think creatively. The key to success is to manage all these details in the best way. It’s extremely exciting to be at the heart of a textile revolution. And also, it keeps you young! At the first sales meeting, I found myself in the middle of a group of young people, like an old guy! We had a party together and the next morning at 8 am, they all had all the right questions about our new concept!