6 Viewpoints from day 2

Disproportion, exacerbated relief, amplified volume, the time is right for excess! How to really push the limits? 


“WE BREAK DOWN OUR ACCESSORIES IN XXL VERSIONS because it’s important for us to meet every desire, even the most extravagant ones. For example our Jumbo zip, with a 9.5 mm wide plastic spiral, really appeals to fashion designers who want to appropriate it from its original use on heavy canvas. In terms of buttons, we use Zamak. It’s injectedmoulded and offers a lot of volume options. Another possibility for the luxury world is turned brass, which also lets us maximise volume, as opposed to classic brass, which is shaped by stamping and has size limitations. We try never to curb the imagination of our clients!”

Nicolas Bouquière, Prym Fashion Italia, Accessories


“OUR JACQUARDS ARE BROKEN DOWN IN VERY WIDE WIDTH REPEATS. We can go up to 71 cm as opposed to 32 and 51 cm previously. In fashion, a desire for grandeur, even something spectacular, has really taken off, especially in large fluid engineered panels for dresses. Another trend are the all-over or XXL motifs inspired by figuratives, with slightly fantastical flowers and beasts treated in a “Lyonnais” style.”

Jean-François Romieu, Ulysse Pila Fabrics


“OUR YARNS ARE IN 5-7 GAUGES. Their volume is sometimes strengthened by the play on colours. They are animated with irregular texture, with wool-acrylic or woolmohair blends, with bouclé and even grizzly-style hairy yarns for a crazy fur aspect.”

Ginevra Fiaschi, Cofil, Yarns


“I PLAY AROUND WITH CONTRADICTIONS IN MATERIALS. For example I mix up volume and scale effects. I’m really attracted to ultra-wide-wale corduroy, which is light in spite of its size.”

Wataru Tominaga, Winner of the 2016 Première Vision Grand Jury Prize at the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography


“MY PERSONALITY IS NATURALLY GEARED TO GENEROUS PRINTS, often black and white so that the idea doesn’t focus on the motif itself. I did a series on clowns and animals, but I am mostly inspired by flora for the largest and most abstract motifs. I project details found in nature into XXL sizes. I want my artistic gestures to be very fluid, for something somewhere between macro design and calligraphy.”

Sarah Corynen, Sarah Corynen, Designs


“AT OUR COMPANY, VOLUME COMES TO LIFE THANKS TO MACRO KNITS THAT are accumulated one on another, lending an architecture to textiles
and figuring relief. And sometimes we simulate a figured woven effect in our jacquard knits.”

Ana Segurado, A. Ferreira & Filhos, Knitwear Solutions