6 Viewpoints from day 1

In little touches or all over, in the shadows or showy… Shine is as multifaceted as it is essential.


“This season, the couture heart of fabrics is somewhat fantastical and cosmic : metal springs out, yarns are cut to give them liveliness and energy.
We see fringed metallic canings that move in an almost animal way, like a fur made of plastic and metallic elements. Some aspects make me think of how metal was used
in the 60s to transform a garment, but in a suppler, lighter way, for a new luminous and resolutely futuristic approach.”

Giampietro Baudo, Editor in Chief, MF Fashion, Italy, JUROR, THE P.V. AWARDS 2016


“Many clients like precious and shiny articles that play on shadow and light. Our offer in this area is thus increasing. We interpreted shine across a range of proposals: shiny leathers, materials with a mirror effect, Swarovski elements, metallic screen printing, Lurex yarn, etc., for the look of little gleaming effects that are always quite flashy.”

Gianluca di Bordoni, Eddy Ricami Project, Accessories


“We are presenting a new range of yarns where shine plays a leading role, and is revealed by little flashy touches. We are also seeking contrast between very matt fibres and other very shiny ones, like metallic polyamides and polyesters.”

Francesco Della Porta, Pozzi Electa, Yarns


“In our collection, brightness is expressed either in little doses, with Lurex for example, sometimes in contrast with matt aspects, either via the textile fibre itself with the use of noble and silky materials. Among them is silk, of course, but also silk/wool or silk/cashmere blends.”

Alexandrine Viera-Gomes, Montagut Industries-Orfama, Manufacturing


“Next Winter,  we are betting on shine that comes from a mix of fibres and finishings. Combining laminations with plays on volume allows us to lend shine to knits, to give them reflections that only emerge in motion. We also developed 3D-looking jacquards composed of metal fibres that shine from different angles. Our offer also includes knits made from mixes of shiny fibres, like rayon or cupro, and velour, which reflect light in different ways.”

John Gomes, Sidonios Knitwear, Fabrics


“Our shine is super natural and celebrates the richness of the skin. We achieve this without any fakery, without adding varnished or metallic finishings. The lustre in our leathers comes from a combination of the tanning and a natural finishing.”

Silvia Rigatti, Conceria Stella, Leather