6 Viewpoints- How do brights expand traditional horizons ?


In my opinion , fluorescence is still in its infancy, yet it’s a trend impacting both prints and colours. A terrific energy is produced by reflective colourful accents, by beautiful joyful prints with very saturated and extreme colours, a kind of graphic history that feeds on psychedelic prints echoing the Beat Generation’s oranges, roses, greens and yellows. It’s about moving forward, with force and boldness. But this one story isn’t enough to evoke colour. All our clients have very different expectations. We are seeing another strong trend: a slightly bohemian story with a grunge look, with softer, more discreet tones…”

Jean Ensell, Ensell & Hall,
Designs, 5W25


My background in surfwear  naturally led me to explore Brazilian and tropical prints in bright colours for ready-to-wear. I try to alternate between brights and darks in the same drawing, with flat-tints, pencilling, watercolours, photography or painting. The textured aspect of the print comes from a magical chemistry between the precision of the design and the more random touch used for water-colouring and colouring. The sea green, turquoise, pink and nude tones add a rich freshness to brights”

Helena Guilloteau, Akagii,
Designs, 5V89


This season we’re presenting our spaced-dyed yarn:  a fancy yarn dyed using a technique of “crossing” with four colours. The layering of the colours is harmonised by a white background, for a visual breathing space. This playful multi-coloured yarn lets you inject unexpected and dynamic variations into patterns.”

Praewprai Kongkiatkrai, Kongkiat Textile, Yarns, 6E56


The ‘Sahara mouliné’, our new 100% linen yarn with a thrown effect, heads off into bright yellows, pinks and greens. This eco-friendly and colourful yarn has a new structure, for a textured design signature that updates traditional looks.”

Luca Buttarelli, Albini Donna, Fabrics, 6G7


To stand out from the rest, we focus on bold proposals with real contrast. What’s original about our suede Serengeti leather is the combination of a graphic and playful print, made up of several leopard skins, with turquoise, green, fuchsia and yellow fluorescent tones. By simulating drops of water on bright colours, our second skin novelty with suede “drips” boosts that feeling of transparency and freshness. It was an unexpected effect.”

Javier Pérez Poveda, Jose Perez Hernandez, Leather, 3F40


Punchy colour accents inspired by the sport universe
have moved into ready-to-wear, and labels, ribbons, belts and cuffs invite colorimetric exploration. A grosgrain or chambray ribbon in multiple intense tones will be mixed with softer tones for an immediate impact, but all in nuance. These brights inject intensity and singularity into any item.”

Sylvia Schuhleitner, Fashion Tex, Accessories 4G10