A special Focus on Tunisia


For the first time, Première Vision Paris is organizing a COUNTRY FOCUS to showcase a country in a dedicated space. The show has chosen Tunisia to inaugurate this new event, which will now be held at each September session.

The Tunisia Focus upholds the aim of mobilizing, supporting and promoting the resurgence of the Tunisian textile sector. The design and outfitting of this 100m2 space for expression at Première Vision Manufacturing has been entrusted to the organizers of the Tunis Fashion Week.  They have the support of the Ministry of Industry, and the cooperation of the new Tunisian Federation of Textiles and Clothing (FTTH) and Cepex. In recent years, by staging designer fashion shows and promoting the country’s artistic scene, Tunis Fashion Week has been seeking to support the emergence of a cultural avant-garde.

The project developed by CIMA (Créateurs associés aux Métiers d’Art) is the creation of a capsule fashion collection: The National Collection. It was designed by Braim Klei, known for his rebellious anti-fashion stance, and was shown on the runways at the latest Tunis Fashion Week in May 2017. The National Collection embodies the new, closer ties being forged between the textile industry and the world of fashion designers. It helps brands that are developed by Tunisian industrials to settle at an international level. This presentation enhances their ability to be more than renown manufacturer. They can also be in tune with Western fashion trends as well as with the major market evolutions.

19, 20 & 21 SEPTEMBER 2017