A new break-down of know-how

Located in the north of Hall 6, the show for Euro-Mediterranean fashion-manufacturing specialists has until now focused on a geographical distribution of its offer. In this price-oriented organization, each geographical area corresponded in effect to a certain cost of human production.

But the needs of buyers have evolved. Today, their driving goal is to quickly understand and identify the know-how of the manufacturers they could work with depending on their specialties.

That is why, starting this February, Première Vision Manufacturing will offer a new breakdown of its offer, one focused on specialty-activity sectors, to enhance efficiency:

  • Softwear (fluid clothing, casualwear, citywear)
  • Suitwear (tailoring, suits and jackets
  • Special Skills (swimwear, outerwear, accessories, service)
  • Tee’s & Co (cut-sewn knits)
  • Shirts Up (shirts)
  • Upper Jeanswear (denim).