My job Technical director

Walter Casarin, of Geo Embroidery, Première Vision  Manufacturing , with his favourite embroidery of this season.

Before, I repaired embroidery machines.
Some 15 years ago, I decided to cross over to the other side. As someone who oversees both the technical and creative sides, I start with an idea (which begins in Italy) through to its development (in Tunisia). I communicate to our designers our technological systems, and my technical experience makes me better able to transpose embroidery ideas to the industrial scale. In this business, the hardest part is to understand what the customer wants. But what’s most gratifying is when the client is delighted with the result! I remember when an Italian fashion house sent me pictures of one of its shows saying, “Have a look at your embroideries.” It’s great to feel you are sharing in their success. And when the items sell well, that’s the best! I remember another show, where the order for pants seemed absolutely unthinkable. And yet … we ramped up our schedule, we worked weekends, we did the impossible. In our business, a calm work pace is a challenge, because stress is the routine. On a day-to-day basis, I am very demanding, perhaps too perfectionist. I’m looking for the highest quality with the shortest production time … just like my customers.