My job head of pre-production

Laima Ingileikiene in charge of pre-production and the supply manager at LTM Garments, Première Vision Manufacturing and a hanger, symbolising her job.

I am a woman  of all fabrics.

I know them, I look for them, I test them, I have been negotiating them for 15 years. This calls for a solid technical knowledge, of course. It’s a passion, one I have to combine with client meetings, overseeing the stages of production … I have a degree in textile engineering. We created LTM Garments ten years ago with three former colleagues and today we are among the leading clothing manufacturers in Europe. Pre-production is a job that involves problem solving, and demands good communication skills. You have to be comfortable multi-tasking. And also be very focused, insightful, and passionate. Manufacturing is what links ideas, fabrics, cuts, separate pieces and the final product. Without manufacturing, fashion would be just a wonderful idea! Like everywhere, everything is accelerating. The latest development is our customers want to visit the garment factories to ensure employees’ working conditions. I think that’s good. And what is truly great is customer loyalty, when one of them tells us, “You’re a part of our business.” That kind of thing really warms the heart.