Giving a new interpretation to men by night by Leclaireur X Première Vision

There aren’t factories and manufacturers in one corner, and studios and designers in the other. There are meetings between them. Encounters between stunningly creative fabrics and inventors of astonishing silhouettes. To prove the power of this creative junction, Première Vision Paris continued its collaboration with the Leclaireur brand.

The theme this time : Men by Night. The dark monochromatic silhouettes pay tribute to the wild fantasyof menswear deeply borrowing from the feminine universe.

The cut-yarn and torn effects herald a deceptively wild and truly sophisticated menswear, with equal appreciation for the subtlety of small jacquards and the skilful, deliberate deconstruction of the codes that traditionally lend structure to menswear. These unique pieces were exhibited at Manufacturing before moving to Leclaireur during the Paris Fashion week and being put on sale in limited editions.