Exhibitor Portraits # 4 Manufacturing


Satanansingh Juddoo, managing director of Chemiserie Bellvill & Co, , Première Vision Manufacturing, chose “taurine” from the AW1718 colour range.

My job persevering director

Keeping up while keeping an eye on the trends. That’s crucial. You have to keep an eye on everything going on, constantly think up new strategies, and find the right balance between marketing, finance and production for each order. I’m persistent, a good planner and passionate about my work. That’s what it takes in our business, right? It’s probably because
I’m a child of the Seraglio. My father and his brothers founded their manufacturing business in 1968. They were the first shirt exporters in Mauritius. I joined the family business sooner than expected, on the death of my father. It was the right place to learn for a 21 year old kid. At that time we had developed partnerships with European customers such as C&A, Monoprix,
Debenhams, Paco and Disney, and Americans such as Oxford Industries, Warnaco and American Design Studio. And then the year 2000 arrived. Maybe because the century changed, I launched my own business, and quickly developed my exports to South Africa and France. What are my finest achievements? Technically, sleeve-making and back yokes for striped shirts. On a personal level, it was when a buyer let it be known that he wouldn’t be coming to the factory, because «this guy knows his job, it’s not worth our time to go there to verify everything.”