Confidential luxury

(picture : Elsa Carlani)

Refined laces based on age-old know-hows, impalpable loose-stitched knits, featherweight fabrics with astonishing performance techniques – what if luxury were an ethereal value, a confidential secret for true connoisseurs?

This alchemy between artisanal heritage and innovation is also the byword at the Italian company Elsa Carlani (Knitwear Solutions), a laboratory specialized in flatbed knits whose loose knits are marked by outstanding fineness (from 3 to 18) and a deep attention to the quality of raw materials, be it cashmere, precious wool or technical materials.



Synonymous with finesse, lightness is also behind the latest research at the Swing collection from Gruppo Cinque (Fabrics) the tri-layered, yarn-dyed or jacquard fabrics in polyamide and cotton/polyamide at this Italian company manage to be both light (110 grams) and pleasant to the touch, chic and performant. Enriched by discrete transparencies or micro stripes, featherweight fabrics and ultra-light microfiber lined with cotton evoke a style where distinction lies in the details and comfort. Confidential luxury.


Heirs to the Calais-Caudry lacemakers, the French company modernizing its Leavers looms while respecting an age-old tradition, combining together in airy laces both mechanized processes (electronic jacquard, warping and ‘écaillage’) and delicate manual finishes (metallizing, Cornely embroidery and beading).