Casualwear is pushing the boundaries

Casual fashion is broadening its horizons at Manufacturing Overseas.
New manufacturers from Peru, China and India are enriching the informal clothing options on offer at the show, all of whom have solid experience of working with European order-givers. All have mastered the codes of comfortable and authentic urban fashion, and all have the keys to resolving the quality-reactivity equation imposed by the market. But each one of them boasts their own unique expertise and creativity.

The company Lives, located in Lima, Peru, works with luxurious Andean yarns, renowned for their softness and strength. It produces silky knits in Pima and Tanguis cottons, alpaca, and other blends of viscose, silk, modal, Tencel and polyester. “For summer, we are expanding our range of responsible clothing, produced with organic and recycled materials, for which there is growing demand,” notes Samantha Collantes, the company’s Sales Director. Notable clients include the French label Sezane, the Austrian Helmut Lang, and the Americans Theory, Travis Mathew, Everlane and Vineyard Vines. The reputation of Lives is growing fast, as is its turnover, which stood at 11.3 million USD in 2018, an increase of 25% on 2017.

Meanwhile, the Chinese manufacturer Zhejiang Huali Fashion is showcasing its expertise with silks. “We are a fabric supplier and a manufacturer specialised in silk. We offer collections of dresses, skirts, shirts, jackets, tops and trousers,” says Qiu Johnson, in charge of sales. Today, 70% of production is destined for Europe. Zhejiang Huali Fashion notably produces items for Cos, & Other Stories and Arket of the Swedish H&M group. It also produces models for the Italian label Sisley, and the Americans Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Its compatriot, Ningbo Haishu Lizhi Apparel, located in the coastal town of Ningbo, on the shores of the East China Sea, enriches casual fashion with its “vintage” savoir-faire. The Chinese company has a mastery of the treatments and washes that give patina to items, whether they are knitted or warp and weft. “This little extra touch of age, of second hand, is very popular with players on the market,” notes Chen Feng, the Sales Director. In addition, he notes an interest for “downy”, “velvety” knits and all “fluid and sensual” materials likes Cupro, modal, Tencel and silk fibres. 


silk dress3

Ningbo Haishu Lizhi Apparel

Ningbo Haishu Lizhi Apparel

The passion for fluidity and exceptional textures is also underlined by Asu Clothing. This Indian company, based in New Delhi, is returning to Manufacturing Overseas with an ultra-feminine range which has attracted a varied set of clients (Le Printemps, Monoprix, Harris Wilson, Armor Lux, Captain tortue, 64…). “In Paris, we are presenting a wider range of dresses cut to new volumes and in shimmering materials,” explains Vijay Ahuja, the Sales Director, for whom summer 2020 promises to be “soft”.

Asu Clothing

Asu Clothing


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