Xavi Badia, CEO of Curtidos Badia

In the Badia household, leather is a family affair, and Xavi Badia, the great grandson of the founder of Curtidos Badia, could not deny his destiny. At the tender age of 23 he took the reins of the company and guided it to modernity. Founded in 1889 in the Barcelona area, this tannery originally produced vegetable tanned leather but switched to chrome tanning in the 1950s to produce cow leather, vachetta and calf leather that were softer and better suited to demand at the time. Now aged 42, this young CEO can be proud of how he has developed the company on the most promising markets, and particularly in the leather goods sector which accounts for 90% of its sales. He has also managed to succeed overseas, where 85% of the company’s sales are made. And he then adds: “Thanks to the show, where we have exhibited for the last ten years!“. A great accolade.