Updating AW20/21 : Highlights for accessories and leather goods

Specific accessory leathers and materials for Autumn-Winter 2021 are sustainably committed, with a highlight on eco-responsible finishes such as vegetable tanning or chrome-free leather. A quest for alternative materials to round out the silhouette strengthens this underlying commitment.

Accessories are pared-down, unostentatious. Restrained decoration and the continuation of the micro-bag underline a kind of purity that is also manifested in proportions, a purity enhanced by the natural shines of satin and sueded aspects.

Vintage and bourgeois handbags stand out with large branded buckles.

The luxurious look is further accentuated by soft leathers, crocodile-style detailing and hairy effects. Shoes also reflect this elegant retro look with classic or laced ankle-boots and loafers.

Alternative and eco-committed materials 

  •  Vegetable tanning
  • Chrome-free leather
  • Alternative materials

Unostentatious simplicity

Updated conic shapes:

  • flaps / large branded buckles / retro shapes and aspects
  • classic boots / loafers / laced ankle boots
  • soft leathers / hairy effects / crocodile

Pure and refined

  • materials: satin and suede
  • elaborated, plains, no decoration
  • clean proportions 
  • continuation of micro and cross-body bags