Teinturiers de Paris, a premium service

2 vison blanc et vert tie & die Teinturiers de Paris
Squirrel fur

Fur is definitely back on the catwalk,” says Maxime Claret, CEO of Teinturiers de Paris. And yet her company, which was formed after Cipel closed in 2011 and works in the same sector, is five times smaller than its predecessor. This is due to the relocations which have decimated this sector like so many other industries in France over the last 30 years. But the boom in the French luxury sector and the disillusionment of order-givers about the quality of Chinese products in particular have led the latter to relocate this bespoke production.  Hence the creation of Teinturiers de Paris three years ago and the healthy growth it has experienced ever since.

The furriers who supply fashion labels order all sorts of work from us on a variety of furs, including mink, fox, astrakhan, sable, chinchilla, marmot, beaver and rabbit. This can range from simply tanning or dyeing skins to the most sophisticated finishes, such as shaving and plucking on mink, laser engraving to sculpt the fur or all types of finish on the flesh side, transforming the skin into shearling,” explains the young Director. While it is often the most prestigious French houses that are the recipients of these skills, nearly half of the company’s turnover comes from foreign clients, in particular from Russia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada. An acknowledgement of the unmistakeable quality of the work of Teinturiers de Paris.