Shoes love leather!

The footwear industry is the biggest user of leather in the world – shoes love leather. Today, this accessory is far from being of secondary importance; it takes pride of place not only in RTW but also in haute couture collections, just like leather goods.

Whether they are luxury or sporty models, shoes make use of a wide range of materials such as calf leather and suede, which can be found at specialists including Incas, Monti & Monti or Haas, but also box leather from Ilcea or Tannerie du Puy and sublime suede bull leathers from Carriat, which are treated to be adapted to this specific usage.

Exotic leathers such as crocodile leather from France Croco, HCP and Italven Pelli are even starting to appear on luxury sneakers, whilst more unusual leathers, such as the Kangaroo that is available from Bonaudo, are used in ultra-technical sports items.

All these leather for footwear specialists can be found at Première Vision Leather.