Plural soles

Moccasin with two-material sole in EVA and TPU from Alemplast

Surfing the wave of popularity of chunky or wedge shoes, soles are attracting the attention of fashionistas with their plurality of formats. And it is primarily thanks to the richness of their materials that they can offer such versatility. As it is now open to component manufacturers, Cuir à Paris is showcasing this diversity to its best advantage.

Leading the pack are thermoplastic materials such as EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), which combine resistance to abrasion with flexibility and are more lightweight than natural rubber. Moulded to take on all sorts of shapes, these synthetic soles can be glued or sewn, separately or in association to combine their characteristics and generate a two-tone effect thanks to the almost unlimited colour possibilities they offer. Thanks to its excellent rub-resistance, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) tends to be used as the outer layer. To produce a lightweight finish, it can be expanded and inserted inside wedge soles. EVA is softer and perfectly suited for sneaker soles and other sports shoes.

Of course, these synthetic layers can be combined with the traditional leather sole. And natural rubber still has a role to play. Produced by coagulating hevea milk, which is then moulded and heated, it offers incomparable comfort through the air bubbles that are formed which act as shock absorbers. And it can also demonstrate its creativity in terms of colours. Whether synthetic or natural, soles are going to allow us to take off!

2 Alemplast

Sole for a running shoe in EVA from Alemplast 

3 For Ever

Transparent sole from For Ever in thermoplastic elastomer decorated with inserted particles of cork

4 Corplast

Ankle book with a mixed sole in expanded thermoplastic polyurethane and welt in vegetable tanned leather from Corplast

5 Corplast

Wedge sole from Corplast in compact thermoplastic polyurethane filled with a block of expanded polyurethane.

6 ligna Reltex

Sole in natural rubber with a new Ligna design by Reltex