Première Vision Leather: new exhibitors

11 companies chosen for their creativity join Hall 3. With furs, leathers, reptile skins, textiles and even tech textiles, the AW 18.19 collections promise rich new perspectives!



A22 is an Italian tannery, specialised in calf flesh split, mainly for the footwear and leather goods sector. Equally comfortable working with the mass market as the premium sector, this tannery adapts to the demands of its clients with creative and varied proposals, including digital printing, laminated finishes, applications, and more.




This French company is specialised in the production of trimmings of all types (fox, mink, fine raccoon, chinchilla, rabbit, Rex, coyote, etc.). Its products are made exclusively in Paris and the company’s strong point is their reactivity for limited editions and the capacity to provide the finished product by buying the raw material directly at auction for larger production runs. Atex can also just offer furs. The structure is adapted to bespoke production, one-off items and the reactivity of the catwalk. Atex guarantees the origin of its skins and their traceability.




AT Piel is a Spanish family tannery producing a large range of ovine leathers. It selects its products according to the origins of the skin, for example offering satin-finish or dipped articles made with Spanish Entrefino, vegetable-tanned lamb leather idea for leather goods using lambs from the United Kingdom, or semi-aniline with different finishes (silky, waxy, cracked and more) using lamb from North Africa. Thanks to its 100% integrated production, AT Piel can adapt and respond to the demands of its clients.




This Taiwanese company has patented a glue-free bonding process using polyurethane studs for any type of material. The adventure began with the creation of crampons for golf shoes, under a co-branding agreement with Adidas, and then expanded to all types of soles needing to grip the floor. This manufacturer, whose imagination is as colourful as it is creative, has succeeded in rendering crampons attractive, turning them into an op-art sculpture, a game of dominos, a row of stars or roses. Too beautiful to be hidden away, these studs become decorations. Gripmore has developed scales inspired by snakes and even sharks. These new products are just as suitable for decorating footwear and leather goods as for swimwear or hydrodynamic flippers. Reptile, fantastic animal or mermaid skin? This material can be printed according to the desires of designers, from a one-off item to a large production run.




Highways Creation is a group of subsidiaries made up of 3 tanneries and 3 garment production units. Thus, the group can offer tanning, production and sales of crust, semi-finished and finished leathers as well as finished garments. They produce two collections per year, designed by their inhouse team of four stylists, including ovine, bovine, buffalo and goat leathers, mainly destined for the leather goods sector.




This Korean company offers a large range of textiles for leather goods and footwear. Working with cotton, nylon, polyester and even jacquard, Hosung can respond to its customers’ desires. And with its in-house weaving factory as well as its two in-house stylists, Hosung can offer all types of development at a very fast pace.




The Hofstetter house is a family firm with nearly 70 years of expertise and savoir-faire in the fur sector. The company started with its own retail boutique before widening its activity to sourcing wild fur. Today, Hofstetter offers a wide range of furs, bespoke products and creative and colourful proposals, thanks to its team of four stylists. Hofstetter also guarantees the traceability of its skins.




La Patrie est une jeune société toscane fondée en 2014. Spécialiste de l’alligator de Louisiane, elle propose aussi du crocodile et de l’autruche en provenance d’Afrique du sud. La traçabilité est un enjeu majeur du secteur et cette société italienne l’a bien compris puisqu’elle a mis en place des puces RFID sur ses peaux qui permettent à la fois de garantir la traçabilité à toutes les étapes mais également de ne pas abimer le cuir. De manière plus large La Patrie a à cœur de proposer une production responsable. Elle propose d’ailleurs pour les bracelets de montre un tannage 100% sans chrome et sans métal.

La Patrie



Sipo, a Danish company, started out as a leather wholesaler. Today, Sipo buys raw hides and crusts and develops its own collection of leathers and furs with its European partners. All the stages of production, from the purchase of the raw material to the finished leathers and furs, are carried out in Europe under the REACH regulations. This converter, recognised by specialists in the sector and a member of the Danish Fur Trade Federation, includes in its collection fox, mink, rabbit, seal, merino sheepskin and métis goat.




The Tuscan house, Valori, founded in 1946 by the Valori brothers, started out with just two drums, but their passion and their professionalism meant they developed rapidly. The third generation introduced technical and technological innovations to the production process, allowing the company to combine artisanal methods with modernity and quality control. Specialised in premium bovine leather, mainly destined for footwear, the Valori tannery works with the leading luxury houses. Tuscan excellence!




Vasiliadis, a Greek tannery founded in 1942, offers lamb, goat and bovine leather in wet blue, crust and finished leathers. They are mainly destined for the footwear market. Its added value is a large range of fashion designs conceived by its in-house team of four stylists.


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