Glazed leather is water resistant

Shoes, clothes, bags – with glazed leather, they will fear water no more! The resins that are used are guaranteed to be waterproof, and as well as protecting the leather during a shower of rain or an accidental spillage, they also protect it against wear and tear and other attacks. The finish can be used on all types of leather, whether bovine, ovine or caprinae. It takes the form of a liquid and up to six layers can be applied, according to a specialist from Ova Deri. But despite this glazed finish, the leather retains its softness. After being lightly buffed, the patent finish can also mask superficial defects and therefore allows poorer quality and cheaper leathers to be enhanced. 



Grained calf leather from ©Nuova Antilope

© OVA DERIGlazed bovine leather from ©Ova Deri