The flowers of the season turn our heads.  They intoxicate us with their succulent and aggressive, delicate and powerful fragrances.

Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel, the two magician-perfumers of the Flair perfume house, have taken their corolla as inspiration.

We  find  them  at  the  entrance  to  the  show,  nestled  in  their “Olfactory  Garden”,  surrounded  by fragrant giant paper flowers.

They have composed 4 exclusive fragrances for Première Vision Leather illustrating the four Beauties, muses for the themes of the Spring-Summer 17 season.



Olfactory Garden - Visuel

Brooding Beauty
Fatal alliance of Jasmine and Tuberose.  The addictive attraction  of  intoxicating Ylang-ylang  and enchanting Patchouli.

Convulsive Beauty
Dangerous liaison between peppery Elemi, inflamed by Rose oxide, by the violence of Cade and Castoreum.

Subsidiary Beauty
Artificial  encounter  between  common  lilac  and  sticky Vinyl, thwarted by sweet almond oil and bitter almond.

Precarious Beauty
The  acid  freshness  of  Mandarin  caressed  by  the innocence of Orange Flower and the woody sensuality of Ambroxan.


Olfactory Garden - Creatrice

Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel, an olfactory duo with Flair!
At the head of the niche perfume design studio, Flair, Amélie Bourgeois 
and  Anne-Sophie  Behaghel  tell  fragrant  tales using raw materials and
olfactory styles. The 3,000 references of their fragrance bank can be used
to capture the perfume of  a  word,  a  colour,  a  sensation  or  a  childhood 
memory.  From these combinations, a unique perfume is born.