New Première Vision Leather exhibitors

Between exotic leathers and materials for leather goods and shoes, discover the new products that you will be able to find next February.



TRP-Charvet is currently one of the last French textile weavers. It commercialises its own products and by doing so has preserved its reactivity and technical know-how. This policy is the key to the longevity of the business, and its efficiency comes from the industrial integration of their spinning and dyeing plants.
Equipped with 70 looms (dobby and jacquard) this French specialist produces a large range of  fabrics and cloths in all materials and a variety of weights. Thanks to its two weaving rooms, it can weave fibres (linen, cotton, polyester, aramid, etc.) but also threads (High Tenacity polyester and polyamide, polypropylene, etc.).
Their technical fabrics branch is very strong, solidly supported by an exacting quality policy (ISO 9001 V 2008 certification) and an obsessive desire to understand the client’s manufacturing needs. This sector boasts machinery that is almost unique in Europe, able to pre-bond fabrics due to be vulcanized (RFL/SBR, RFL/NBR and RFL/CR bonding). On its stand, the company will take note of your needs and respond to them. Bespoke orders is one of their specialities.





Peausserie Clément, based in Paris, is specialised in the trading of quality skins and mainly offers its leathers to luxury houses and premium labels. To do so, the company guarantees the traceability of the skins and works with certified tanneries.

Peausserie Clément will be showcasing a large range of lamb, goat, sheep, vachetta and stretch leathers as well as a number of finishes: aniline, nubuck, washed and vegetable-tanned for the leather goods and apparel markets.


This German company founded in 1982 has made vegetable-tanned leather its speciality. Ecopell emphasizes the natural and authentic character of its bovine hides, obtained through vegetable tanning. Its trade secret lies in the use of sustainable tannins and dyes free from heavy metals and made from synthetic colourants. Ecopell is proud of its profession and its product. It has adopted an environmental approach and has obtained a number of certifications. The IVN certification that it held for four years is based on eco-responsible production, water management and proves that the skins come from organic farms. By refusing the use of chemical additives, Ecopell offers a natural leather that is also more sensitive than an industrial leather.

ecopell 1

Fuji toyo4


Founded in 1960, Fujitoyo is one of the last tanneries of exotic leathers in Japan. It mainly works with crocodile, but also with lizard and python, in full compliance with the CITES Convention on exotic skins. This expert company controls the entire production process from tanning to finishes via dyeing.

Keen to offer its clients, who are mainly from the leather goods sector, quality and innovative products, Fujitoyo is putting in place new technologies to offer a very smooth crocodile leather. In terms of finishes, it also offers a leather whose natural markings seem to have been deliberately enhanced, as well as antique appearances.


Qingxin is a specialist in materials and uppers for shoes. Lace, microfibre, animal patterns, jacquard, knitted fabrics, metallic and printed fabrics; this Chinese company offers more than 100 new products per season.

In terms of innovation, it also offers recycled, water resistant, anti-UV and antibacterial materials. The company presents itself as a multi-purpose partner for labels looking for diversity in their footwear collections.



Quing Xin2



This Chinese manufacturer is one of the leading producers of textiles for shoes and leather goods. It offers a large collection of knitted fabrics, sequins, printed textiles, lace and embroidery.

In addition, and to comply with the requirements of fashion labels, Ling Gan Shoes Material will present a range of recycled and eco-responsible materials as well as innovative fabrics with a range of properties (softness, strength, antibacterial, thermal).

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